Toshiba News

Expansion of the lineup of 80 V N-channel power MOSFETs with the adoption of a new process that helps to improve the efficiency of power supplies : TPH2R408QM, TPH4R008QM, TPN8R408QM, TPN12008QM

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched four products in its lineup of new generation 80 V N-channel power MOSFET “U-MOSX-H series” suitable for switching power supplies of industrial equipment. They are “TPH2R408QM” and “TPH4R008QM” that use the SOP Advance(N)[1] surface-mount-type package offering land-pattern's industrial compatibility, and “TPN8R408QM” and “TPN12008QM” that use the TSON Advance package.

Carrier News

Stewarts of Tayside Adds 10 Carrier Transicold Vector 1550 Units

Perth-based fruit and vegetable producer Stewarts of Tayside has taken delivery of 10 new refrigerated trailers, each specified with a Carrier Transicold Vector® 1550 unit. They join a 30-strong trailer fleet that has been 100% Carrier-cooled since 2004.

Voith News

Voith successfully commissions the first two VECO-Drives

Since February, the two systems have already been running reliably for over 6,000 hours, improving not only the overall efficiency of the drive train but also significantly decreasing noise emissions and vibrations. This is another milestone for Voith in pushing ahead with the continuous electrification of its proven drive technologies, thus meeting the growing demand for energy-efficient variable speed drives in the power and oil & gas markets.

Siemens News

UltraCap modules from Siemens for efficient energy storage in machines

Siemens is offering new Ultracapacitor Modules which ensure machine operation during grid power outages, avoid peak loads and recover braking energy. The UltraCap "DLC modules" are ideal for use as energy storage devices in machines, such as those used in wood, glass and plastic processing, metal forming technology, machine tools, handling and robotics.

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