Central Mare: full speed ahead with new GEA marine Separator

New, global legal requirements for marine protection and ever-increasing environmental awareness among the general public, along with the marine sector’s own desire to be more sustainable, means shipping companies are taking a close look at the fuels and lubricants they use on board.


A lot of power in a very small space

Drive Systems evolved. Generally speaking, electric motors are not "lone wolves" but for most applications need to be combined with gearheads for speed reduction as well as encoders. To ensure that the components are perfectly matched to each other and to minimise installation requirements, it is recommended to obtain the individual components as a complete solution from a single source. Even in cases where installation space is extremely tight and where high-torque drives are required which, owing to the installation situation, need to be as short as possible, there is a practice-oriented solution that is especially suitable for applications in robotics, prosthetic joints, laboratory automation, pumps, medical technology or aircraft cabin equipment.



The ISA 698 encoder with GORE-TEX valve was originally developed for rock drilling rigs in the mining industry. The new GORE-TEX valve prevents moisture from accumulating inside the encoder. Instead, it enables a one-way release of moisture to keep the inside of the encoder dry, for optimal operation.

Bühler News

ChocoX ushers in a new era of moulding

Bühler’s new ChocoX is as flexible as its pronunciation “Choco Cross”. The solution combines flexibility and agility in production and hygienic design, resulting in significantly lower operational costs. Its completely modular design allows for unlimited crossovers of the process line and quick adaptation to different products.

Bürkert News

New controller delivers high precision for time-pressure microlitre dosing

A new time-pressure controller has been developed for precision dosing of microlitre volumes for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Bürkert’s Type 8763 Pressure Controller achieves high precision control of low flow from approximately 1.2 ml/minute and a response time in milliseconds.

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