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Cojali News


The Eaton Vehicle Group division from Eaton, company dedicated to manufacturing of clutch and gearbox elements, has recently announced the expansion of its ServiceRanger 4 software capabilities, an advanced diagnostic tool designed to provide service to its large and consolidated worldwide network of customers. Through its business growth, Eaton has focused its work on providing solutions to vehicle manufacturers for the effective management of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical energy in the automotive sector, strengthening itself in more than 175 countries.

Voith News

Voith equips the Ethiopian hydropower plant Gilgel Gibe II with intelligent solutions

After comprehensive two-year service and maintenance contracts were signed last year between Voith Hydro and the plant owner Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), the modernization is now further enhanced with the installation of state-of-the-art digital solutions.

Fischerelektronik News

Efficient device cooling on the circuit board (FLKU 10)

Electronic devices that are installed directly on the circuit board require an adapted thermal management depending on the device size and the power loss to be dissipated.

Vattenfall news

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Shell, Vattenfall and Wärme Hamburg sign Letter of Intent for 100 MW hydrogen project at Moorburg in Hamburg

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Shell, Vattenfall and municipal company Wärme Hamburg have signed a letter of intent to plan how they can jointly produce hydrogen from wind and solar power at Vattenfall’s Moorburg power plant site in Hamburg and utilize the hydrogen in its vicinity.

Recabuk News

How has 2020 reshaped manufacturing?

In the space of 12 months, industry has changed completely. The way that manufacturers operate has fundamentally changed, bringing in a renewed need for embedded systems that support remote operations and contactless authentication and validation of the workforce. Here, Martin Frederiksen, managing director of industrial embedded computing expert Recab UK, explores how 2020 brought new technologies to manufacturing plants.


Telescopic Rail Reduces Engineering and Assembly Effort for Tool Cart Maker

To move a cantilevered load, only the strongest slides will do. Not only must they support the load, but the motion must also be smooth and precise. These can be difficult criteria to meet for bearings used in carts that contain web handling equipment. A single drawer holds hundreds of pounds of gear and will overhang when open. Supporting a heavy, cantilevered load requires an exceptional bearing.

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