Sany News

SANY Renewable Energy unveiled in WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

On September 27, the 2022 Wind Energy Hamburg Exhibition started in Hamburg. There are more than 1400 exhibitors from around the world showcasing innovative solutions from the entire value chain of the wind energy industry. SANY Renewable Energy made a debut appearance at the international exhibition, with the topic “Capture the Power of Wind, Usher in a Cleaner World”, to show SANY Renewable Energy’s strength in all aspects from research and development, intelligent manufacturing, wind farm construction and operation.


Where are we at Autonomous driving?

Autonomous driving is considered a key innovation in road transportation in years to come. It sits at the forefront of vehicle technology and presents an opportunity for brand differentiation in a packed automotive market. Demand for autonomous driving is also trickling down the supply chain for systems and components that allow cars to drive and brake without human interaction. By K.A. Gerardino.

Fuzzy Logic Robotics

Fuzzy Logic and CAIRE, on the way to automating the painting process

Fuzzy Logic, with its software platform, allows a robotic system to learn trajectories in a single gesture and without any specific training. With the help of a portable learning device, an operator can transfer their professional know-how to the robot by simply executing their task. The task can then be repeated as many times as needed in total security. Caire specializes in the design and production of special machines as well as in the integration of specific processes. With the deployment of software platform, they foresee the democratization of the automation of the processes of application of paint, varnish or other pulverized products.

Yokogawa News

Yokogawa Releases OpreX Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the release of the OpreXTM Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series. This new product series succeeds the ADMAG CA Series and is being released as part of the OpreX Field Instruments family. The products in this new series are all capacitance-type magnetic flowmeters that are capable of measuring the flow of conductive fluids through a measurement tube without the fluids coming into contact with the device’s electrodes.

Šiauliai free economic zone Info

Lithuania Is Open for Investment: the Most Effective Way to Enter Free Trade Zones

There are around 5,400 free trade zones (FTZs) around the world with special status, which allow investment and entry at a lower cost in the country of your choice. Following the peak of the coronavirus pandemic last year, foreign direct investment flows have returned to their pre-pandemic levels, according to the United Nations, reaching USD 1.6 trillion.

VIA Tech News

VIA Introduces VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service for Forklifts

With growing supply chain complexity, accelerating e-commerce demand, and rising labor shortages, the need for logistics and manufacturing enterprises to harness the power of the digitization to boost the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of their warehouse operations has never been greater.

GE News

GE Renewable Energy awarded contract for maintenance of Belo Monte hydropower plants

GE Renewable Energy's hydropower business has signed a five-year contract with Norte Energia covering the full scope of routine, planned and corrective maintenance of the Belo Monte hydropower plant (11 GW) and its complementary powerhouse (Pimental - 233 MW). The amount of energy generated by the Belo Monte project is sufficient to meet the electricity needs of 60 million people.

Vaisala News

Vaisala launches Xweather to turn weather and environmental data into climate action

Vaisala launches Xweather, a suite of services providing real-time and hyperlocal weather and environmental data to predict and solve challenges from lightning-triggered wildfires to weather-related car accidents. With advanced machine learning models and intelligent sensors, Xweather helps a broad range of industries and developers with new levels of data accuracy and actionable environmental insight.

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