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Telescopic Rail Reduces Engineering and Assembly Effort for Tool Cart Maker

To move a cantilevered load, only the strongest slides will do. Not only must they support the load, but the motion must also be smooth and precise. These can be difficult criteria to meet for bearings used in carts that contain web handling equipment. A single drawer holds hundreds of pounds of gear and will overhang when open. Supporting a heavy, cantilevered load requires an exceptional bearing.

Beckhoff News

The perfect harmony

As pressure grows on warehousing, fine tuning motion control will be key to deliver.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

IDS Vision Channel – Platform for digital live sessions and networking

"Knowledge increases when it is shared" – following this maxim, IDS is making its expertise as one of the leading manufacturers of digital industrial cameras free of charge and directly accessible on a new platform. In addition to online events, useful tools such as calendars and live chats, the IDS Vision Channel also offers a media library with recordings of past events and additional, exclusive content. The online sessions address image processing topics around 2D, 3D and embedded vision as well as artificial intelligence. They are short, focused and build on each other depending on the topic. This makes them interesting for both beginners and experts. Afterwards, questions can be discussed in the group or with the speakers. This makes the IDS Vision Channel ideal for knowledge exchange and knowledge building.

Nord USA

NORD Brings Innovative Solutions to the Poultry Industry

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers full-featured drive solutions that can tackle the toughest requirements in the poultry industry, including applications from processing to packaging.

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