The New RI20 Palletizer Simplifies Complex Processes

The new semi-open palletizing cell with an industrial robot arm simplifies the complex processes of a traditional palletizer. The easy-to-use unit can be up-and-running in just a few hours and its advanced safety system and two loading docks permit a capacity increase of up to 5%.



The challenges for workshops are rapidly increasing. Innovations by manufacturers such as diagnosis restrictions for non authorized persons and the switch to digital service records call for new work routines. Further challenges are in store for component activation, flashing of ECUs, calibration of advanced driver assistance systems and for working on vehicle high-voltage systems. Not all workshops have prepared for or are able to meet these challenges. This is why Hella Gutmann will offer its customers even greater and more comprehensive support by the new concept ‚CheckPoint powered by Hella Gutmann‘.

IFM News

TCC wins Red Dot Design Award

The TCC temperature sensor has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award. The clear design language, ideal cleaning properties and high-quality materials that make it both ecological and economical have convinced the jury.


New DC Platform: Interroll brings innovative drive solution to the Americas

Interroll is setting new standards in modern material flow technology in North America. The company’s innovative range of coordinated RollerDrive products, control systems and power supply elements positions system integrators and OEMs to now provide even more individual solutions for their customers, from plug-and-play standard applications to systems with IoT 4.0 functionality.

CMP Products Ltd

CMP Launches New Quad Cable Cleat Range

Leading cable gland and cable cleat manufacturer, CMP Products, has launched its new quad cable cleat range ‘Saturn’ (QSDSS), which allows cables to be safely installed in quad formation.


Sales start for GEA Hilge NOVATWIN: Complete portfolio for hygienic screw pumps

With its new flexible screw pump, GEA Hilge NOVATWIN, GEA fulfils customer wishes and requirements such as the highest hygienic demands for gentle product handling, long-term reliability, versatile applications and professional support throughout the entire product life cycle, based on more than 150 years of pumping experience.

Schmalz News

Cable Carrier V-Chain Makes Space

Schmalz is expanding the product range for its flat jib, saving space at the same time: The new V-Chain packs the hose assembly for the vacuum supply into a cable track, making loose-hanging loops a thing of the past and allowing even forklift trucks to pass safely under the flat jib.

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