Schaltbau Invests in New Optical Measuring System

Schaltbau Machine Electrics have recently invested in a new optical measuring system to improve productivity and quality, particularly for parts used in the latest C310 AC & bidirectional DC contactors.

Ametek News

SPECTRO Introduces its New SPECTROMAXx with iCAL 2.0 ARC/SPARK OES Analyzer

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced the eighth generation of its SPECTROMAXx with iCAL 2.0 ARC/SPARK OES Analyzer — improved with innovative new capabilities and advancements in performance to achieve fast, accurate elemental analysis precisely tuned for material control and foundry applications.

Vaisala News

Vaisala completes NOAA automatic sounding system project in Alaska

NOAA’s National Weather Service will leverage the success of its relationship with Vaisala on last year’s Alaska project, delivering an additional eight fully automated sounding systems across the continental U.S.


A Well-Hidden Linear Rail System Gives Telescoping Motion to Retail Fixtures

When it comes to the retail store environment, products don’t sell themselves. In order to maximize sales, you need attractive, functional display fixtures that present your goods front-and-center to the customer. That means supporting components like drawer slides must be inconspicuous so that they don’t divert the customer’s attention from the merchandise. And because retail space is precious, drawers cannot extend too far from the display despite the need to cantilever sometimes heavy loads.

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