Mitsubishi Electric News

Dedicated UK Drive Solutions Centres announced

Having already pioneered a more collaborative approach to designing and delivering automation systems employing low power drives, Mitsubishi Electric UK has announced a new network of Drive Solutions Centres (DSCs). Each one sharing technology, experience and ideas to focus on providing a full service offering for the entire lifecycle of larger capacity low voltage and medium voltage variable speed drives.

Perle Systems News

Perle launches IOLAN SCR1618 Secure Out-of-Band Management Console Server

With support for cloud-based hosting, when deployed top-of-rack, or at a remote location, network engineers will have secure remote access to all equipment, as well as, automated provisioning of configuration and firmware files.

Altramotion News

A wind of change in braking systems for power generation

Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) that produce energy as they soar through the sky are the latest innovation in wind power generation.

Maxon Motor News

5 challenges an electric motor has to overcome on Mars

Outer space is unforgiving. This is why precision drives embarking on a trip to other planets need to meet extremely high-quality standards.

Comsol News

COMSOL Releases Version 5.6 and Introduces Four New Products

COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.6 brings faster and more memory lean solvers, efficient CAD assembly handling, clip planes, layout templates for building apps, and four new products: Fuel Cell & Electrolyzer Module, LiveLink for Simulink, Polymer Flow Module, and Liquid & Gas Properties Module.

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