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Rohde & Schwarz

High speed, high accuracy RF power measurements up to an unrivalled 67 GHz with the R&S NRP67S/SN power sensors

Rohde & Schwarz has increased the maximum measurable frequency of its three-path diode power sensors to an unrivalled 67 GHz. The three-path technology enables extremely fast and accurate power measurements with a high-sensitivity, portable instrument of minimum size and weight. This frequency extension makes high speed power measurements possible for additional applications such as IEEE 802.11ay and 802.11ad WiGig Wireless LAN, millimeter-wave terrestrial short distance communication links, and satellite-satellite links operating at 60 GHz.

Siemens News

Siemens Mobility awarded service contract for ICE 4 trains

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has awarded Siemens Mobility a contract for the revision of 40 trains of the series 412 ICE 4. This is the largest service order ever awarded to Siemens Mobility by Deutsche Bahn. The contract also includes an option for the revision of 50 additional series 412 trains. IS 600 revisions are required for new high-speed trains operated by Deutsche Bahn when they have reached a mileage of 1.65 million kilometers. The work will be carried out beginning in mid-2021 in the “Expert House” service area of the Siemens Mobility Test and Validation Center in Wegberg-Wildenrath, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Novatorsolutions News

Benefits of Networked Multichannel Radio Systems in Strategic Communication Intelligence (COMINT) Scenarios

In strategic communication intelligence scenarios one of the main tasks is to gather as much information as possible. Ideally the cost should be proportional to the value the gathered information provides. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to value the information at the time it is gathered.



Where space is limited our 700 series incremental encoders is a very popular choice for those looking for a robust and reliable encoder. Its compact format makes it the ideal choice for many applications where build length is an issue.

Acceed News

AVA-5500: AI platform for real time video analysis

Industrial image processing, specifically the analysis of moving objects under demanding environmental conditions, develops as one of the most important factors in automation.

Voith News

Successful start-up of cutting-edge paper machine Grupo Gondi PM 7 in Mexico

At the beginning of January, the PM 7 of Grupo Gondi, one of Mexico's largest paper manufactures, was successfully commissioned at the new Papel y Empaques mill in Monterrey. The paper machine is set to produce 400,000 tons of high-performance light weight recycled containerboard annually with Voith's leading technology.

Softing Industrial Automation GmbH

Gateway for the integration of Industry 4.0 applications in PROFIBUS & HART systems

SmartLink HW-DP from Softing Industrial Automation provides controller-independent access to PROFIBUS DP networks. The compact tool can be integrated without affecting the operation of existing installations and thus enables Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks.

Dunkermotoren News

Adaptation of the product range to the new requirements of intralogistics

In intralogistics, the importance of self-propelled vehicles is increasing. Not only the traditional manufacturers, but also users or their suppliers of operating equipment are designing new battery-powered solutions. The technical solutions are as diverse as the players in the market.

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