Stay on top of ladder safety

Working at heights is still one of the most dangerous activities throughout the EU. Badly maintained, positioned or secured ladders are the major reasons for falls from heights, as mentioned by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. Laddertag® helps reduce falls caused by badly maintained ladders.


SUNON Low-energy Eco Ventilation Fans

SUNON launches its new product range, the Eco DC Brushless Ventilation Fans with an integrated 12W LED down light and a high airflow of 120M3/h. The fans are ideal for residential applications, providing the best energy-saving solution to improve indoor air quality in every room of the home. SUNON high-quality Eco Ventilation Fans offer a variety of performance levels, functionalities, and styles to suit every need in any area. SUNON’s DC Motor Technology saves up to 80% of energy compared to AC motors. With an ultra-low power consumption of merely 4.5W, it delivers not only an ultra-high air flow of 120m3/h but also cost-effective and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of each customer. SUNON Eco ventilation fans are referred to as each place in building and are being required to meet building codes such as Energy Star label, HVI, or Green building standard.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Esterline – Souriau Once Again Wins Top Airbus Award

Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau received a Strategic Excellence Award from Airbus in the category of electrical cables and components during a ceremony held in Toulouse, France, last 15 January. This is the seventh time since 2005 that the company has received an award from Airbus.


The University of Manchester uses Maple T.A. to assess student learning across a wide range of courses

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs around the world are benefitting from the testing and assessment tool Maple T.A, which includes many features designed especially for courses involving mathematics. However, it’s not just STEM courses which need a software platform that offers instructors a comprehensive online assessment tool. Academic staff at the University of Manchester, UK’s largest campus-based university, use Maple T.A. beyond the traditional STEM courses, in a variety of programs from the Humanities.

Delta Electronics

Delta to Demonstrate its Leadership in Display Solutions with the World’s First Laser-based (DLP®) Video Wall at ISE 2015, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February 10, 2015 - Delta Electronics, Inc., a global leader in power and thermal management solutions and pioneer in display solutions, announced today it will unveil, at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2015, the world’s first ultra-bright Laser-based Digital Light Processing (DLP®) video wall which features industry-leading performance with brightness of up to 1,800 lumens and significantly improved energy savings of up to 10%. Visitors will experience a live demonstration of Delta’s advanced vision control systems –DVCS(1) and MiNiCON(2)– which turn our innovative video walls into comprehensive display and monitoring solutions for applications demanding 24/7 operations.


Jungheinrich: Central Spare Parts Warehouse a Success

New level in spare parts logistics achieved / Availability up to over 98 percent / More than 4,000 service engineers worldwide


MapleSim Helps Reduce Development Time for ABB Crane Systems and Saves Money for its Customers

Millions of shipping containers pass through sea ports each year, carrying anything from machinery and auto parts to shoes, toys, and frozen food. At modern ports, containers are unloaded onto docks, and then moved to stacking yards where Automatic Stacking Cranes and Ship to Shore Cranes stack them until they are ready to be loaded onto trucks or train cars. Containers must be moved quickly and accurately without interference from other containers, cranes, or vehicles. Any delays reduce profitability for the port, especially at large ports that move thousands of containers each day.



STAGEMAKER SR, Verlinde's "show" hoist range, now boasts the STAGEMAKER SR1, a version for small loads of up to 250kg with one fall (500 kg with 2 falls). Very light in weight (10.5 kg) and very compact, STAGEMAKER SR1 can be easily inserted in a 12" aluminium steel girder. Fitted as standard with a double brake system, it integrates the CHAINFlux ® special chain guide, the Perfect Push ® patented hoist load wheel, and protective rubber pads on the hook blocks.

NORD Drivesystems

Low-maintenance drives for food processing

Bargteheide – At the Anuga FoodTec exhibition in Cologne, Germany, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will present distributed drive concepts that meet the typical demands of the food industry. Variable-speed drives with IP66/IP69K ingress protection are suitable for processes that require regular cleaning with high-pressure steam jets. All components are manufactured in-house: gearboxes, smooth-surface motors, and frequency inverters. The nsd tupH anti-corrosion treatment gives the aluminum housings a smooth and durable surface. Even blows and scratches do not impair the corrosion resistance. Since no coating is applied but the surface itself is hardened, there can be no pollution of products or process media as for instance with chipping paint. The nsd tupH treatment is approved for food applications according to FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300. Trade show visitors will be able to see nsd tupH drives that have performed in a salty atmosphere for one year and were removed for demonstration purposes. In contrast to painted drives, these units have not corroded. Due to their superior resilience, nsd tupH drives require minimal maintenance and have a long service life. The comprehensive NORD gearbox program enables drive configurations exactly tailored to the particular demand while at the same time supporting an easy variant management.

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