Schlegel Invests In Spain

Global seals company, Schlegel International, has recently undertaken a major investment in their Spanish factory at Terrassa near Barcelona. The company has installed 4 new production lines to manufacture its wide range of pile weatherseals for sliding doors and windows. It has created 17 additional jobs in Spain. The company also manufactures Q-Lon foam weatherseals, the World’s best seal for opening doors & windows.


In-process temperature profiling: New Furnace Tracker for glass tempering furnaces

Cambridge, UK – Datapaq provides the first ever temperature profiling system specifically for glass tempering processes. It uses thermocouples to take measurements from the glass sheet while passing through the tempering furnace. The Furnace Tracker system for glass tempering furnaces accurately measures temperatures from all types of glass including hard and soft-coated low-E glass. Thus, users can optimize cycle times and reduce energy costs. The system includes a choice of fast-response type-K thermocouples that can be cemented to the glass sheet under test. Up to four thermocouples are attached to a DQ1840 data logger which records detailed temperature profiles. The logger is protected from the heat of the furnace by a low-height thermal barrier designed especially for glass tempering furnaces. The TB7528 thermal barrier measures a mere 29 mm in height with a 430 x 220 mm footprint.


Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Upgrades its SCADA for All Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations

The Northern Rockies Region of northeastern British Columbia is blessed with a significant wealth and diversity of natural resources, heritage and cultural attributes. Over the last four decades, the region has experienced its up and down cycles due to the growth and decline of numerous resources and development activities. There have been interesting development proposals such as the Horn River Shale Gas Development, a working partnership that would link the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Fort Nelson and First Nation communities with the oil and gas industry and provincial government agencies.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

SOURIAU Introduces JDX Hybrid (Mixed Power & Signal)

SOURIAU, a leading global manufacturer of high performance - high reliability interconnect solutions for harsh environments, announces the release of the JDX Hybrid (Mixed Power & Signal) connector family. This new combination of power and signal being offered within one high density connector solution minimizes added componentry inventory, reduces system complexity and the subsequent consumption of valuable space and installation costs.

Morgan Advanced Materials


Morgan Advanced Materials will be showcasing its latest component developments for use in Marine Accoustic Applications at the Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) exhibition, to be held at the Congress Centre Hamburg (CCH) from 18 – 20 June 2013.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Superwool® Plus Blok - New tests reveal most energy-efficient solution for kiln linings

Tests carried out by Morgan Advanced Materials, a leading manufacturer of engineered products for a range of thermal insulation applications, have revealed the company’s latest Superwool® Plus Blok insulation offers significant performance advantages over other materials in the area of thermal insulation for kiln linings.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials manufactures ceramic insulators for industrial oil and gas burner igniters

Morgan Advanced Materials has announced a new capability to manufacture ceramic insulators for industrial oil and gas burner igniters. These insulators can also be used for a range of other industrial applications such as fuses, precision electrical resistors and cartridge heaters.


Augmented Traceability™: the world’s first uncompromised secured traceability

Technifor, Gravotech Group, and ORIDAO are launching the first universal and secure traceability solution. It is the innovative merger of part marking and secure RFID, allowing for the uncompromised tracing of parts throughout their life cycle. This cutting-edge technology is suited for sensitive maintenance processes in the aeronautics, defense, energy and oilfield sectors.

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