SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

WME Series

The SOURIAU (part of Esterline Connection Technologies) WME cable connector series is uniquely approved by the EN 16330 for both outside and inside cabin connectivity. This European Standard applies to power systems, drive implements and attachments such as street cleaning brushes, snow plows, etc. The purpose of this standard is to ensure interchangeability of vehicles and implements to resolve both the compatibility issue and ensure safety of the installers and workers. The WME Series services a wide field of harsh environment applications from winter and road service vehicles to agricultural, mining and mobile machinery.


EUROCHAIN VR Stainless Steel

EUROCHAIN VR, VERLINDE's new range of electric chain hoists, has been widened to include the Stainless Steel model designed for food industry applications. Chain and hook made of stainless steel and motor tropicalized, it is offered with numerous options specific to the market, such as food grade biodegradable grease or an ATEX compliant version, and can handle loads from 63 to 1250 kg. With its new, entirely ergonomic design, EUROCHAIN VR offers numerous innovations ensuring best safety levels and facilitating maintenance.


ZHV INOX chain manual hoist and CHZ INOX manual trolley

Designed for food industry applications, ZHV INOX and CHZ INOX are listed in Verlinde's Food Process equipment range. The food grade 314/316L stainless steel manual hoist and trolley were designed for the handling of loads from 500 to 1000 kg.

Morgan Advanced Materials


Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defence Systems business has introduced a buoyant, lightweight rifle plate insert for military and security personnel which is capable of stopping 7.62mm rifle ammunition yet is still less than 1kg in weight.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Industrial network shares according to HMS

PROFIBUS remains the most widely used industrial network globally but several networks are closing up. PROFINET and EtherNet/IP compete for first place within industrial Ethernet and no network consolidation is in sight. These are some of the conclusions from HMS Industrial Networks as they present their view of the industrial network market in 2015.


Advantech Introduces a New range of Web Operator Panels with Level 4 ESD Protection

Ideal for use in machine manufacturing industries such as semi-conductor manufacture, Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group has launched an exciting new range of Web operator panels. These newly designed models, with flat panel IP66 certified aluminum edging, include the latest Intel Cortex-A8 processor which is not only faster but also consumes the minimum amount of power and also supports RS-232/422/485/ Ethernet and CANopen protocols to ensure that they’ll connect to your existing network.

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