NORD Drivesystems

SK 135E : Wear-free decentralized soft starter and reversing starter with motor protection – the economic alternative

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presents a new motor-mounted starter with an extended performance range for the economic distributed implementation of soft start and reversing functions, for motors from 0.25 to 7.5 kW. The compact SK 135E integrates motor overload protection through PTC thermistor monitoring, mains and motor phase failure monitoring, I²t monitoring, and magnetizing current monitoring. The electronic, wear-free switching technology replaces motor circuit breakers, reversing contactors, and brake rectifiers, thus rendering entire control cabinets unnecessary in large facilities. As PTC thermistor connection cables and brake control cables are not required, either, installation becomes generally more cost-effective, space-saving, and faster. When the drives are ordered complete and wired with gearbox, motor, and starter, any assembly effort is reduced to simply tightening the screws and establishing the electrical connection, which is optionally with plugs.

British Steel

Tata Steel wins £1 million Northern Ireland contract

Rail from Tata Steel has helped get the railway line between Northern Ireland’s two biggest cities back on track – and resulted in a further £1 million order from the country’s public transport provider.


Arnold Umformtechnik: aluminium replaces steel

Alufast® screws suitable for series production – Substantially lower weight than steel screws – Mitigate problems with bolted joints in magnesium parts


POWERCIAT2 – CIAT's new 610-1350 kW eco-designed water chiller

POWERCIAT2 is available in two versions – a standard (STD) version designed for the most demanding technical and economical requirements, and a High Energy Efficiency (HEE) version, which is the reference for energy efficient projects. Thanks to its state-of-the-art components, the HEE version of POWERCIAT2 achieves the highest possible energy rating, CLASS A, with an average EER of 3.18 and exceptional levels of seasonal efficiency, proven by an average ESEER of 4.1. In addition to its low energy consumption, POWERCIAT2 offers a power/refrigerant charge ratio of 7 kW of refrigerant/kg R134a – the highest on the market. POWERCIAT2 is currently the only water chiller that combines both micro-channel coil and shell-and-tube dry expansion evaporator technologies. It has been engineered using eco-design principles to minimise its environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials enables utilities companies to measure usage more accurately

Morgan Advanced Materials, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative material solutions, has extended its capabilites to include testing for zero flow offset within its ultrasonic sensors, providing an even more precise and accurate means of monitoring utilities usage in heat, gas and water applications.

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