SUNON EC Axial Fan

SUNON’S EC Axial Fan is a high-efficiency, brushless DC motor which is driven directly from an AC power supply. With only 4.4W, it reduces the power consumption by approximately 80% compared with the conventional AC Fans and by up to 35% compared to other competitor EC fans. It is dedicated to refrigerators, freezers, wine chillers, and any commercial refrigeration equipment. As an option, they are available with IP68 water and dust protection.


IFOY 2015: Jungheinrich Nominated in All Categories

Nominees: EFG S30s—Counter Balanced Trucks up to 3.5 Tons/DFG 540s—Counter Balanced Trucks from 3.5 Tons/ECE 225—Warehouse Trucks/Tow Train Solution (EZS 350 and GTE)—Intralogistics Solutions 2015


Brady offers full service pipe marking-“See your plant work in the blink of an eye”

Brady offers compliant and durable oil & gas pipe markers and has partnered with oil & gas contractors for a swift and safe implementation. Professional pipe markers can act as a live blueprint of your plant, assisting engineers in deciding where and when to interfere. “When implemented well, professionals can use pipe markers as a guide and will be able to see how your plant works in the blink of an eye”, says Christophe Nelissen, Brady Middle East Sales Manager.


Complete HACCP validation: Food Tracker for cook and chill processes

Cambridge, UK – Food Tracker systems from Datapaq ensure highly efficient process monitoring and HACCP documentation at the click of a key. In addition to complete temperature profiles and extensive alarm and reporting functions, they offer multiple simultaneous food lethality calculations (F0/Pu value, D-value, chill rate Critical Control Point) and an optimization function that predicts the effect of parameter changes on the process without repeated trial runs. A state-of-art 6 or 8-channel data logger from the MultiPaq21 series guarantees high accuracy, high resolution, and large memory without data loss. Designed for efficient operation, it manages eight consecutive measurement runs before data download to a computer. A start/stop button and an alternative time or temperature trigger provide true ease of use.


Control Product Flow and Routing with Dorner’s New 2200 SmartFlex® Pallet Systems

Dorner Mfg. has introduced new pallet system components for use on its 2200 SmartFlex® flexible chain conveyor platform that provides accurate positioning and routing of parts for assembly, robotic and inspection applications. The components, sold as completed assemblies or as kits, allow users to implement easy design changes to their conveyor systems, and offer versatile layout flexibility.

Keyence UK

Pencil-type contact sensors

Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the novel head of the pencil-type GT2 Series sensor enables absolute measurements with an accuracy of 1 µm.

Keyence France

Pencil-type contact sensors

Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the novel head of the pencil-type GT2 Series sensor enables absolute measurements with an accuracy of 1 µm.


TPC-1251T/1551T: Low Power Consuming True Flat Touch Panel Computer

Advantech’s new 12.1” and 15” TPC-1251T/1551T touch panel computers are the latest of their type to use the Intel® Atom™ E3827 1.75 GHz Processor, and to feature the much heralded iDoor Technology, a truly flat screen and a multitude of I/O ports whilst being able to operate in a wide range of temperatures.


PROFINET push-pull IO-Link master modules: data transmission via fiber-optic or copper cables

Fiber-optic cables have now become established in industrial data communication also. Optical data transmission offers numerous advantages, particularly for data-intensive applications with a high demand on availability, such as are typical in the automotive industry. Balluff takes this into account with the new push-pull variants of its PROFINET IO-Link master modules. These are available with the choice of a fiber-optic cable or copper cable connection.

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