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Automatic Transfer Switches for Power Distribution Systems: Microprocessor-Controlled ATS-C Transfer Switch System From Eaton

Eaton's Electrical Sector is launching the ATS-C transfer switch system, an automatic transfer switch system for power distribution systems. Mains supply failures can lead to critical situations, particularly in sensitive applications such as in hospitals, IT centers, commercial or infrastructure buildings, as well as in industrial manufacturing processes. If faults in the grid occur, the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is a top priority in this case for the protection of persons and in order to secure service continuity. The new ATS-C microprocessor-controlled transfer switch system from Eaton ensures here the automatic or manual switching from the main power supply grid to the standby grid or generator, and thus ensures the security of the low-voltage supply at all times.


Hannover Messe 2012

Invitation to Press Conference “Partnership of Experts”


Successful WIN - Eaton goes Eurasian market

Istanbul … Frank C. Campbell, President Electrical Sector, EMEA: "We really need to make ourselves known here. And basically that's why we are here."

Beijer Electronics Products AB

New HMI takes engineers from idea to result faster

Human machine interface technology take a giant leap forward with the launch of Beijer Electronics’ new iX 2.0 HMI software and new generation operator panels. Summed up in the market-driven concept HMI at the speed of thought, the iX HMI solution both speeds up project development and makes the application faster and more efficient to navigate.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Consistent HMI from compact to complex

Beijer Electronics now launches several new operator panel models in three integrated families, completing their offering of panels for every application in terms of performance and display size. From basic to complex applications, customers can now choose a consistent panel design and easily scale HMI projects between them. The new operator panels are optimized for the upgraded HMI software iX 2.0.

Keyence Brasil

MD-V laser marker

This new high-power YVO4 laser marker with 3-axis control is able to achieve super-fine, high-speed marking on metals, plastics, and more. YV04 crystals can quickly transfer power, meaning that marking quality will never suffer even for high production.

Keyence Italia SPA

IM-6500 Series

The IM-6500 Series from Keyence is a new type of measurement device. It is a completely new concept to rival established measuring equipment such as profile projectors, measuring microscopes or automatic CNC measuring machines. The dimensional measurement concept of the IM-6500 series utilises state of the art imaging technology, thus enabling any user to perform reliable measurements in a minimum of time and with an increased accuracy. You simply place a part on a measurement stage, push the button and up to 99 dimensions are measured in a few seconds with accuracies down to 0.7 micron. No tiresome positioning, nor risks of measurement variance or deviation between individual operators. The simplicity of use results in the IM-6500 series emerging as a massive cost saving alternative to traditional time consuming measurement processes.


Eaton Emergency-Stop/Off Pushbutton Actuators Clearly Indicate Switch Position Even In Darkness

Eatons Electrical Sector is launching new emergency stop/off pushbutton actuators for the RMQ-Titan range of control circuit devices for worldwide use. The system expansion includes emergency-stop palm-shaped actuators (45/60 mm), with or without key, with turn and pull release, non-illuminated, illuminated, with standard LEDs or with mechanical switch position indication (green/red) in the middle of the actuating element.

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