Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Technical Ceramics earns its stripes with revolutionary tube design

Morgan Technical Ceramics is promoting its range of striped tubes for the defence sector with an innovative design, offering lower frequency and increased drive for applications where high acoustic transmitting properties are required.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Technical Ceramics launches high temperature bimorph range

Morgan Technical Ceramics is extending its electro ceramics portfolio, with the launch of a new range of high temperature piezoelectric bimorph components, suitable for sensor and actuator applications in the fields of aerospace, automotive, medical and general industry.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Technical Ceramics’ bioceramic hip joints improve quality of life for patients

Vitox® AMC, an alumina matrix composite bioceramic material for hip joints from leading manufacturer of ceramic components, Morgan Technical Ceramics, is proven to have exceptionally low wear rates compared with alternative materials. This provides a reliable solution without the potential health risks associated with metal hip joints, whilst being longer lasting, and enabling patients to continue to lead active lifestyles.

Morgan Advanced Materials

New PZT discs range is big news for Morgan Technical Ceramics

Morgan Technical Ceramics has announced the launch of its new range of large piezoelectric (PZT) ceramic discs developed specifically for the defence and commercial sonar markets, thanks to a major breakthrough at the company’s manufacturing facility in Ruabon, North Wales.


Track-and-trace made easy : complete line of traceability solutions

Traceability creates lean manufacturing processes, simplifies just-in-time deliveries, aids legal certainty and ensures product quality. The sensor specialist and RFID provider Balluff can look back on 25 years of experience in this area and offers an extensive portfolio of track-and-trace solutions. The portfolio was recently expanded to include new RFID technologies for high-temperature applications, which are often called for in the semiconductor industry or in paint-spray lines and drying ovens in the automotive sector.


More freedom with SolidWorks Campus Licenses

Students at KEA - Copenhagen school of Design and Technology - in Denmark receive a more flexible education situation with the SolidWorks Student Engineering Kit


Cleancon – Technical cleanliness of fasteners

In modern systems in the automobile industry and electronic equipment, particles as small as 500, 200 or even 100 microns can cause malfunctions or total system failure. In many cases these problem particles on components originate from fasteners. The Cleancon cleanliness concept developed by Arnold Umformtechnik provides a process that eliminates the risk of system failure due to particles by taking an integrated approach from fastener production to assembly.

NORD Drivesystems

Lightweight, high

performance, washproof: New open or closed washdown versions of NORD's helical bevel gear units

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