Keyence Italia SPA


La nuova serie di Marcatori Laser Keyence a Fibra a 3 assi è dotata della potenza migliore della sua classe.

Keyence Italia SPA


Keyence Italia presenta la sua nuova serie di sensori laser LR-Z ancora più versatile.

NORD Drivesystems

Italy’s only private brewery builds Europe’s most modern brew house: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies powerful drives

During 40 years of continuous around-the-clock operation, the tanks and vats in the Forst specialty beer brewery’s old brew house produced 25 million hectoliters of beer. Now, since brewing technology has progressed, especially with regard to energy aspects, the management decided to build a completely new brew house which was to operate highly efficiently, comply with the latest safety requirements, and produce the lowest possible emissions. The brewery in Algund, South Tirol, commissioned leading German companies to construct five large vats, complete with brewing technology and piping systems, a newly designed water supply, a malting plant with twelve silos, and three separate storage vats. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS custom-tailored all necessary drive units.


Everything remains different: Waaree Instruments Ltd. is becoming Baumer

Waaree Instruments Ltd. is becoming Baumer. Following the takeover of the Indian manufacturer of process measurement instruments by the Swiss Baumer Group at the end of 2010 the integration has now been completed. The company is now part of the global Baumer family as Baumer Technologies India, headquartered in Mumbai.

Schoeller Allibert


LINPAC Allibert and Schoeller Arca Systems (SAS) have joined together under one name to become the world leader in plastic reusable transit packaging (RTP). The two companies will be rebranded as Schoeller Allibert from January 2013, following the acquisition of LINPAC Allibert by controlling SAS stakeholder One Equity Partners (OEP) nine months ago.


KRPXng concept, by REDEX

KRPXng is the newest successful range of REDEX rack & pinion drives portfolio, especially designed for machine-tools with moving column or gantry. The cost effective and easy to implement KRPX, is a remarkable example of the close cooperation between REDEX and Machine-tools OEMs leaders.


Fine machining for huge windmill blades

The German machine builder, heinicke Maschinen- & Metallbau GmbH, is market leader for drilling and trimming machines to process rotor blades for wind power industry. They have chosen REDEX SRP planetary reducers because they offer better stiffness and a superior quality of service, while offering very competitive costs level.

Keyence India

The IV Series stands out as the easiest

to-start vision sensor on the market. The set-up is done via a 4 step graphic interface procedure. Typically, it takes less than a minute. Exposure time and illumination are adjusted automatically (IBA feature - Intelligent Brightness Adjust). Focusing, with the automatic focus mechanism, can now be done automatically. It is done by a unique automatic focus motor developed exclusively for the IV Series. In addition, the IV Series is the very first vision sensor in its price range offering colour detection and the autofocus function at the same time. A flexible solution allowing many different applications: part or label presence/absence, detection of part orientation, misalignment, cable recognition according to their colour, proper assembly… Therefore one IV sensor is able to perform multiple detections on a single target, where competitors would often require multiple sensors. The technology of shape recognition makes it possible to perform reliable detections on moving targets. Compensation of the position is automatically done. The IV Series is thus more stable than laser or optical sensor, while remaining in the price range. The Series IV vision system offers a resolution of 752x480 pixels and IP67 protection, making it perfectly suitable to industrial requirements. It is connected via Ethernet or an M12 connector. Eight sensor heads are available to match the various specifications of the application: detection range (up to 2000 mm), distance view and finally exposure time (down to 1/25000 for fast cadence). This vision sensor offers excellent detection stability thanks to a set of new features: 4 lenses HP-Quad focus with low aberration with high light gathering power. HS-HDR feature widens the light-receiving sensitivity range when dispersion occurs in the reflection. As production runs brightness is automatically adjusted and glare from glossy surfaces is reduced by a polarising filter. The main applications are in packaging, metal working, automotive, electronics or food and pharmaceutical industries.

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