NORD Drivesystems

Right-angle Helical-bevel Screw Conveyor Drives

Waunakee, WI – NORD announces the addition of the helical-bevel gear series to its successful high-performance Screw Conveyor Package. The newly designed right-angle bevel products allow you to install gearboxes in confined spaces while maintaining the simplicity, reliability and efficiency of NORD’s traditional gearmotors and speed reducers.


CIAT provides the air handling for the new Louvre-Lens museum

More than 60 CIAT air handling units have been installed at the recently opened Louvre-Lens museum in northern France to filter the air and maintain humidity and temperature at optimum levels in the museum's galleries, storage rooms and restoration workshops.


Ircon extends Modline 7 Series

New features for a wider range of industrial applications Berlin – RAYTEK is pleased to announce that the IRCON Modline 7 series has been extended with two new infrared thermometers and a new processor box. The new 7V line has been especially designed for the semiconductor industry, while the 75 series now comes with a new high temperature model dedicated to heat treating & annealing. With these completions, the Modline 7 series includes eight distinct thermometer lines for various application fields including glass manufacturing and forming, ultra-thin glass production, semiconductor processing, and industrial furnaces. The modularity of the Modline 7 series helps users reduce installation efforts, since the installation hardware and application software is identical for all sensors and each model features an extended measured temperature range, with the entire series covering a -40..+3,000 °C range. The common Windows ModView Pro software platform facilitates multiple product configurations. Users can set up and monitor sensors either via the rear panel of the sensor, the ModView Pro software included in delivery, or the new PROC-7 processor box. This optional self-contained control unit was designed to operate all Modline 7 sensors independent of ModView Pro software and enables remote sensor health check, for instance in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations.


WIDMA Wins FIE Foundation Award for Hydraulic Fixture at IMTEX 2013

The FIE Foundation recently recognized WIDMA ™ Machining Solutions Group with its prestigious FIE Foundation Award for an innovative hydraulic fixture exhibited at the 16th Indian Metal - Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition (IMTEX) 2013 in Bangalore. The award acknowledges the latest technical innovations in machine tools exhibited at IMTEX, and aims to appreciate and encourage ideas, innovations, and vision in machine tool technology.


ISO 7010 compliant safety signs for harsh environments

EN ISO 7010 is the new European Norm for safety signs that is expected to be endorsed by all EU-member states in 2013. Brady Corporation, the global leader in complete solutions to identify and protect premises, products, and people, now offers a full range of material, coating, and inks dedicated to producing ISO 7010 signs that stay visible even in the harshest of environments.

HMS Industrial Networks AB


HMS Industrial Networks acquires IXXAT Automation

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Crouzet and HMS

Crouzet and HMS present joint solution for monitoring the Millenium 3 logic controller over the web


Atos chooses Southco’s access systems to meet its datacenter enclosure security needs.

Atos is a leading manufacturer of electronic and electrical enclosures in France with over 400 employees. When they decided to strongly position themselves in the growing datacentre market, the company chose Southco’s H3-EM and EA-K1 systems. For Atos, Southco is the ideal collaborator because the company offers easy to implement, flexible, and highly secure access solutions as well as excellent technical support.

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