GravoStyle™ 6

GravoStyle™ 6 drives and interacts with the full range of Gravograph technology: CNC, rotary engravers, CO2, YAG and Fiber laser engravers.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Alfa Laval sharpens the competitive edge with iX

The new iX from Beijer Electronics helps Peter Blomberg and his automation colleagues to create a graphical interface that makes decanter centrifuges and other sophisticated equipment from Alfa Laval as easy to use as today's cell phones. The user-friendly interface is appreciated by customers, as well as the new HMI solution saves time and money in installation and service.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

iX – a truly open HMI concept

Todays HMI-concepts offer a variety of functionalities to fullfill customers demands. But most of them are completely closed systems. There is no space for individual modification of existing HMI function, neither to use ready made component from 3rd party suppliers.

NORD Drivesystems

NORD tracks the sun

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS motors have been selected to position and securely hold solar panels on photovoltaic plants in Northern Germany. Energy efficiency was NORD DRIVESYSTEMS key success factor as the solar panels track and follow the sun over the course of the day.


Integration of Walsall products expands portfolio

One of the main objectives of the systems and solutions activities of Pepperl+Fuchs is to respond quickly to customers’ requirements for automation solutions in hazardous areas. The acquisition of Walsall Ltd. has moved Pepperl+Fuchs one step closer to achieving this goal.


System solution with RIVTEX

The RIVTEX system solution from Arnold Umformtechnik and Arnold & Shinjo is a high-quality alternative to conventional welding. It cuts parts assembly costs whilst assuring every quality requirement.

NORD Drivesystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS manufactures high-performance, economic drive technology for the food industry. To address sector-specific automation requirements, a new microsite presenting solutions and products has been established at

NORD Drivesystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers the complete range of economical and safe drive technologies for all automation tasks in the renewable energies industry. Applications include biomass, solar, and wind power plants. Introducing our new website,, now provides solutions and an overview of the product portfolio which includes high-performance decentral frequency inverters and drives with IP66 protection ratings.

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