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How to Monitor and Reduce Energy Usage

Manage performance and maximise energy savings: the Conrad Sourcing Platform is a reliable partner for increasing the energy awareness of businesses.

How to Monitor and Reduce Energy Usage

All the parts of success available from one platform: when it comes to hot topics like saving energy, Conrad Electronic are a reliable partner business customers can count on.

  • Make the most of the energy saving potentials of electrical lighting
  • Log and assess the energy consumption of machinery and plant
  • Quick and easy ways to analyse electricity usage

Rising electricity prices, increased heating costs and wanting to help protect the environment: more and more businesses look into how to save energy and put respective measures in place to achieve that. This is why the team behind the Conrad Sourcing Platform has decided to provide information that helps companies reduce energy consumption and save money in a sustainable way.

Ban On Fluorescent Lamps – Act Now!
Switching to smart LED technology means making the most of a huge energy savings potential. Which is why many businesses have already replaced conventional lighting with LED fixtures. Moreover, from February 2023 onwards, compact fluorescence lamps (CFLs) and ring lights can no longer be sold in the EU, with fluorescent tubes also to be banned from August 2023. A timely preparation by making the switch now makes sense, to avoid the expected problems with supply bottlenecks later this year. Also important: conventional light tubes and their LED counterparts do not have the same luminous efficacy ratings since the two types of products emit light at different angles.

This is why the team at Conrad recommends centring lighting plans around user requirements, to ensure that the new tubes provide the same lighting conditions as the old ones. This is also where Ledvance come in, a leading supplier of LED light bulbs and smart light management technology. Ledvance have come up with a booklet that contains everything you need to know about swapping conventional for LED lighting products. The free booklet is now available for download at the Conrad Sourcing Platform webpage. The information also tells you about alternative lighting solutions aimed at industry, trade, large open-plan offices, car parks, classrooms and training facilities.

Energy Metering Made Easy – This Is How It Works.
These days, efficiency is playing an increasing role in optimising energy usage and performance. Many companies choose to modernise production facilities, or change the way they manufacture their products. At the same time, they need to make sure that machinery and plant are kept in good working order. Optimising energy usage requires both an accurate electricity metering and analysing the collected data correctly. Chauvin Arnoux help businesses do this by offering training in the form of workshops. Moreover, Chauvin Arnoux are widely known for their PEL series energy loggers and performance testers that are affordable, easy to use, and comply with ISO 50001. The products are available for purchase on the Conrad Sourcing Platform.

Voltcraft have designed two electricity meters that make energy logging quick and straightforward. Simply connect the devices, then take and analyse readings of all relevant parameters including true, reactive and apparent power as well as AC phase shift. Since the Voltcraft SEM5000 does not have to access company-operated IT networks, measuring energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and using the data for energy cost projections is both easy and safe. Moreover, the product comes with a SD card slot that allows data readings stored on the device to be manually transferred to a PC or a mobile device, again without relying on company LAN. Apart from that, the logger lets you enter energy tariffs for two different TOUs. Unlike the SEM5000, Voltcraft’s SEM6000 features a built-in Bluetooth interface and can be operated via an iOS or Android app. The tester provides power input and power factor readings down to three decimal places. Something that comes in particularly handy: both Voltcraft products feature an LED ring that changes light colour depending on the actual power reading.

Learn here more about above solutions for monitoring and reducing energy usage.


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