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Secure libraries

New APROL functions prevent unwanted changes.

Secure libraries
The CaeBackup/CaeRestore options for the APROL process control system automatically prevent unwanted changes.

The new CaeBackup/CaeRestore options for B&R's APROL process control system ensure even better security when using standardized libraries. Users can lock these libraries in the target database. This prevents unwanted changes to libraries when the engineering data is transferred. Both intentional and accidental changes are prevented.

In order to ensure and check the consistency of exchange between individual projects and libraries, all versions of project parts now include a checksum. During database optimization, the checksums of all versions of the project parts are checked and corrected if necessary. CAE warnings are generated in the event of defective or invalid checksums in the database. This allows the user to reliably detect changes and initiate any necessary corrective measures.


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