Khmelnytskyi National University Leverages SolidWorks to Provide Students with a Competitive Advantage

Intersed Ukraine Provides Leading Ukrainian University with SolidWorks Applications to Offer Training and Certification for Students across Ukraine

Khmelnytskyi National University Leverages SolidWorks to Provide Students with a Competitive Advantage
The right tools are critical for educators, and when it comes to mechanical engineering, Khmelnytskyi National University believes that 3D design software is a key tool for budding Ukrainian engineers to gain the best career opportunities possible. To accomplish this, students at the university begin their education learning how to use SolidWorks® 3D applications. SolidWorks Value Added Reseller Intersed Ukraine implemented the software and is also responsible for ongoing support.

The university is currently one of the largest educational institutions in Western Ukraine, with around 15,000 students, with 700 students across seven departments in engineering mechanics. It has 500 active SolidWorks licenses, as well as a dedicated computer lab to carry out SolidWorks certification exams. The Engineering Mechanics Faculty lab is also a certified provider of Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) exams. As such it has helped prepare students from across Ukraine with validation of their SolidWorks expertise, providing them with a competitive advantage in engineering the industry. The lab granted CSWA certifications to 29 educators and 143 students over the past three years from its own and other Ukrainian universities.

As students move through the university, they have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as:
• Manufacturing engineering
• Metal-cutting equipment or tools production
• Equipment of light industry, general services, processing and food industries
• Electrical appliances
• Restoration and improvement of wear resistance of machine elements

With these options already established for them on their first day, students can take advantage of the SolidWorks software features that will enable them to master their chosen concentrations. For example, an engineering and computer graphics course teaches both the creation of 3D models of parts and assemblies, as well as how to create drawings using national Ukrainian standards.

In addition to courses of study, Khmelnytskyi National University also conducts a CAD and computer modeling contest in machine building, called the Ukrainian Olympiad. The contest, which has been held annually since 1998, has expanded to an international competition, as participants from Russia and Belarus compete each year.

“Traditionally, mechanical engineering specialties are complex and hard to study. Students had to create drawings and perform a wide variety of complex engineering calculations,” said Viacheslav Kharzhevskyi, associate professor, Khmelnytskyi National University. “SolidWorks simplifies the educational process and makes it much more interesting for the students. They can design, learn to validate their designs, and create CNC programs using SolidWorks. The most important aspect is that students enjoy not only being able to draw and calculate, but also to visually design in a 3D environment.”

“The educational ecosystem is a crucial component in the evolution of product design and innovation,” said Natali Savachevskaja, Sales Director, Intersed Ukraine Ltd. “Khmelnytskyi National University’s commitment to teaching SolidWorks, in addition to certifying users, is grooming the next generation of innovators for the job market. This commitment is beneficial for students, staff and the industry as a whole; as future employers will have highly trained, skilled designers on the hiring roster.”

Engineering_Graphics.jpeg: Student project: engineering graphic
Machine_Elements.jpeg: Student project: machine element course

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Khmelnytskyi National University Leverages SolidWorks to Provide Students with a Competitive Advantage

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