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iX – a truly open HMI concept

Todays HMI-concepts offer a variety of functionalities to fullfill customers demands. But most of them are completely closed systems. There is no space for individual modification of existing HMI function, neither to use ready made component from 3rd party suppliers.

iX – a truly open HMI concept
iX’s multi-controller ability provides time saving ease of managing and maintaining only one project covering all the different controller options which are needed. A tag can be connected to several controllers, allowing to have the same HMI application running against different PLCs. Additionally, the signals from multiple PLCs and other devices, e.g. inverters can be mixed, which enables a brand independent component usage, harmonized with end users demand.

iX provide simple real-time exchange of data between controllers. Furthermore the open platform architecture is underlined by compatibility with all major automation systems by OPC industrial standard data access. The user employs the drivers included in the package or add third party drivers via external OPC server connection. The SQL connectivity is used to enable quick data management in relational database systems.

The user is able to import vector based WPF objects and .Net controls allowing him to use the vast resources behind Microsoft’s .Net framework. iX utilizes Microsoft’s modern and object-oriented programming language C# which allows, to customize the functionality of iX objects. Helping IntelliSense boxes and auto-complete functions provide easy scripting, even for beginners.

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Beijer Electronics is a fast growing technology company with extensive experience of industrial automation and robust data communication, developing and marketing competitive products and solutions with focus on the user. Since its start-up in 1981, Beijer Electronics has evolved into a multinational group with subsidiaries in 14 countries some 500 employees and sales of 1.1 bn SEK 2009. The company is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm’s Small Cap list under the ticker BELE.

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