Crestchic loadbanks back up Korean shipbuilding sector

An international leader in load testing solutions, Crestchic has recently completed another major order for the world-leading South Korean shipbuilding sector with the delivery of six containerised 6000kVA resistive-reactive 450V 60Hz loadbanks to one of Korea’s premier shipbuilders. This takes the UK manufacturer, operating globally from its headquarters at Burton-on-Trent in the UK, past the 100 container mark for the Korean shipbuilding industry – currently the world’s largest - alone.

Keyence India

The IV Series stands out as the easiest

to-start vision sensor on the market. The set-up is done via a 4 step graphic interface procedure. Typically, it takes less than a minute. Exposure time and illumination are adjusted automatically (IBA feature - Intelligent Brightness Adjust). Focusing, with the automatic focus mechanism, can now be done automatically. It is done by a unique automatic focus motor developed exclusively for the IV Series. In addition, the IV Series is the very first vision sensor in its price range offering colour detection and the autofocus function at the same time. A flexible solution allowing many different applications: part or label presence/absence, detection of part orientation, misalignment, cable recognition according to their colour, proper assembly… Therefore one IV sensor is able to perform multiple detections on a single target, where competitors would often require multiple sensors. The technology of shape recognition makes it possible to perform reliable detections on moving targets. Compensation of the position is automatically done. The IV Series is thus more stable than laser or optical sensor, while remaining in the price range. The Series IV vision system offers a resolution of 752x480 pixels and IP67 protection, making it perfectly suitable to industrial requirements. It is connected via Ethernet or an M12 connector. Eight sensor heads are available to match the various specifications of the application: detection range (up to 2000 mm), distance view and finally exposure time (down to 1/25000 for fast cadence). This vision sensor offers excellent detection stability thanks to a set of new features: 4 lenses HP-Quad focus with low aberration with high light gathering power. HS-HDR feature widens the light-receiving sensitivity range when dispersion occurs in the reflection. As production runs brightness is automatically adjusted and glare from glossy surfaces is reduced by a polarising filter. The main applications are in packaging, metal working, automotive, electronics or food and pharmaceutical industries.


Eaton Corporation plc Completes Acquisition of Cooper Industries to Form Premier Global Power Management Company

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation plc (NYSE: ETN) and electrical equipment supplier Cooper Industries plc (NYSE:CBE) today announced that Eaton has completed its acquisition of Cooper. The acquisition was announced on May 21, 2012 and combines Eaton and Cooper into a new, premier global power management company named Eaton Corporation plc.


„Outstanding Product Innovation“– Baumer SmartReflect Light Barrier Recognised by Frost & Sullivan with New Product Innovation Award

SmartReflect by Baumer, the light barrier without reflector, keeps on wowing the market. The innovative sensors were recognised with the “New Product Innovation Award” by Frost & Sullivan, an independent, internationally operating research & consulting company analyst after a qualified research of the light barriers market.


Pioneers wanted: Swiss sensor manufacturer opens R&D center in Brno

With the Baumer Group, a global player in sensor technology is expanding its operations to the Czech Republic and offering committed engineers some interesting career opportunities. To expand its research and development activities on an international scale, the Swiss company has opened a new Development Center in Brno. Currently Baumer is looking for several test and software engineers for the new location.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

UTS threaded receptacles

UTS threaded receptacles are the latest addition to Souriau’s UTS connector series. They are designed particularly for industrial applications, such as junction boxes and even variable speed drives on induction motors, and fit in place of conventional cable glands.


Elmo announces new solution for fast, high-precision Gantry realization

"Gantry, The Elmo Way" is a state-of-the-art, cost-efficient solution for Gantry applications that transforms the industry's approach to Gantry realization in its comprehensive intelligence, yet simplicity.

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