PcVue 9.0 installed in the new Data Centre for TelecityGroup France.

Systems integrator ETDE has chosen PcVue 9.0 from ARC Informatique to monitor the electricity distribution and air conditioning systems for the entire range of installations at TelecityGroup’s new Data Centre in the Paris region. The software’s openness and the simple hierarchy used for the communication architecture were determining factors in this choice. PcVue can, as part of its functions, generate reports on the electricity consumption by each of the servers operated by TelecityGroup’s customers.


CIAT equips the Bluebox building in Geneva with its HEE technology

The installation of 230 COADIS 2 – HEE (High Energy Efficiency) cassette type comfort units has made a major contribution to Bluebox being the first building in the world fitted with this type of equipment to be awarded a MINERGIE® label. The use of brushless motors means that the comfort units can work at variable speed and constantly adapt themselves to the exact needs of the building.


EAS®-Sensor incorporates unique innovation

An integrated transmitter eliminates the need for an external limit switch with safety clutches


ProSoft Technology® enlarges its 802.11n range of solutions with two new dual-radio Industrial HotspotsTM

ProSoft Technology® has developed 2 new Automation-Class industrial 802.11n solutions. These are dual-radio Industrial HotspotsTM. One is water-tight (IP67). Both enlarge the option given to Automation Engineers for high-speed wireless networks. Dual-radio solutions will allow longer distances, better performances while repeaters are involved, and allow 2 channels to be used simultaneously (for example: one for the automation application, while the other one can be used for maintenance purpose, without impacting the application)...

NORD Drivesystems

New NORD products viewed through online virtual exhibition stand

Beijer Electronics Products AB

A brand new range of panels and industrial PCs

A brand new range of panels and industrial PCs The Beijer Electronics’ iX HMI solution is enhanced by a broader range of panels and industrial PCs and some software additions. It is designed particularly for packaging, printing, food and pharmaceutical processing machines, machine-tools, water and irrigation, petrochemicals and marine applications.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Trends in HMI

What are latest trends in HMI? And what should you look for or be aware of, when you browse the market in search for new HMI solutions? The purpose of this white paper is to outline and describe some of the most recent key trends in software driven industrial HMI solutions.

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