High-Speed Fiber placement on large complex structures

Reducing aircraft weight is essential to boosting fuel efficiency. Not only is it very important in terms of cost, but also given the ever-increasing distances that airplanes of the future are expected to travel more capacity is essential. Carbon fiber's high strength to weight ratio is one of the main innovations today, but the need for high production rates requires extremely complex machines. Electroimpact has developed an outstanding solution offering a 2000 inch per minute (50-meter per minute) automated fiber placement speed. This means a very sophisticated control system and very stable and accurate axes drive systems. Andantex USA provided all the critical mechanical components to drive the axes.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

CANopen X-gateway Family

The new Anybus X-gateway series connects CANopen networks with 10 other fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks


Alufast® fasteners facilitate lightweight construction

Alufast® aluminium screws from Arnold Umformtechnik are especially advantageous for joining magnesium components: transmission, housing, load-bearing, stiffening... Especially with material pairs exposed to thermal stress, they significantly enhance the security of threaded fastener joints. Furthermore, Alufast® aluminium screws weigh only one-third as much as equivalent steel screws. Particularly with large volumes the weight savings can amount to the equivalent of several metric tons of steel per year.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Composite Connectors qualified by ESA Space Applications

Souriau, the worldwide leader of composite connectors for severe environments has obtained the qualification of the European Space Agency (ESA) for its rectangular miniature range: microComp®. The microComp® connector is the perfect replacement for ESA/ESCC D-Sub connector, which is widely used today in satellite payloads. The microComp® allows a space saving up to 40% and a weight reduction down to 60%.

NORD Drivesystems

Drives and inverters for a new bottling plant

Nord Drivesystems provides drives and gears for the packaging, palleting and transport technology systems designed and installed by BMS Maschinenfabrik in the new factory of the Hacklberger Beverage company. Distributed capability, high positioning accuracy and low energy consumption of the Nord Drivesystems solutions are key success factors for this new installation producing up to 36 000 bottles per hour.

NORD Drivesystems

EtherCAT connectivity for distributed inverters

NORD Drivesystems provides a technology unit for integrating motor-mounted SK 200E inverters into EtherCAT networks and the Beckhoff control technology environment. The Ethernet-based fieldbus offers significant benefits particularly for distributed networks such as conveyor systems. The new EtherCAT module from NORD cost-efficiently connects a large number of inverters to a single bus line, since there is no need for repeaters or additional bus master interfaces.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

i-line family

Westermo announces the launch of the i-line family of Ethernet products optimized for machine building, building automation, factory automation and CCTV surveillance applications. The new range includes standard and compact Ethernet switches, media converters and Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches.


RK DuoLine 160

According to Rose+Krieger this new generation of RK DuoLine linear units, which are supplied with a spindle or timing belt will bring greater flexibility to automation. Thinking about on which side the motor drive should be positioned is no longer necessary. Optional coupling and motor adapters can be attached to all four hollow shaft outputs on the idler unit. Not only does this simplify positioning, customers can also configure and adjust the axial motor themselves.


RK timing belt linear units with safety locking system

The new version of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC came into force on 29.12.2009. The new regulations are aimed primarily at manufacturers of automation technology, handling systems, integrated manufacturing systems and machine tools with particular focus on vertical linear axes which, until now, were braked but not stopped during maintenance work.


ISaGRAF releases the ISaVIEW plug-in for ISaGRAF v6

ISaGRAF is the leading IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 compliant firmware and workbench for building industrial automation products. The ISaVIEW plug-in provides ISaGRAF 6 workbench users with a simple yet powerful integrated HMI. The ISaVIEW Pages are mapped to the automation project structure.

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