PcVue 11.2 Integrates SMART Buildings and Distributed Energy Resources

Consolidation of Building Automation, Energy Management and Industrial Equipment with Enhanced Cybersecurity Features

PcVue 11.2 Integrates SMART Buildings and Distributed Energy Resources
PcVue 11.2 has been released, a premier platform for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Building Management Systems (BMS) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions.

BACnet Testing Laboratories awarded PcVue 11.2 its highest level listing, BACnet Advanced Work Station (B-AWS). It offers full integration to BACnet equipment with enhancements for developer efficiency and ease of use. Advancements in building equipment communications also include native KNX and COMMEND SA ICX driver (for Intercom monitoring and control) along with the established LonWorks and Modbus drivers. New BMS libraries include GEZE objects for door, window and safety technology.

PcVue 11.2 offers the consolidation and integration to support convergence of SMART Buildings, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Infrastructure, Transportation, and Industrial Automation. The release includes built-in drivers for Energy Management and SMART Grid interoperability including IEC 61850, 61400-25, 60870-5-104 & DNP3.

Deployment, IT & Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is a primary design goal with additional protection of server components including PcVue as a service with clients deployed as desktop applications. There are comprehensive tools for configuration and diagnostics applicable to both local and remote sessions. PcVue is securely delivered with installation signature and binary file signature. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Windows® Active Directory and supports secure HTTP (HTTPS).

PcVue mobility solutions are expanded with HTML5 scalable clients augmenting WebVue and TouchVue, a mobile app for alarm and event notification with trending and browsing of variables that requires no mobile device configuration.

PcVue continues its strategic policy of maintaining backward compatibility while enhancing and expanding features. PcVue technology is proven “future proof” ensuring the sustainability of customers’ investments for more than 30 years. PcVue 11.2 is qualified for Microsoft Windows® Server 2008-2014 and Microsoft Windows® 7 - 10 operating systems with continued support for virtualization with Hyper-V and VM-Ware.

PcVue 11.2 Integrates SMART Buildings and Distributed Energy Resources

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