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FLIR’s New E8 PRO™ IR Camera Doesn’t Miss a (Hot) Spot

The latest Pro series thermal imager comes with Ignite™ Cloud and makes everything from recording to analysis easier, faster and more accurate.

FLIR’s New E8 PRO™ IR Camera Doesn’t Miss a (Hot) Spot
FLIR’s news E8 PRO IR camera comes with innovative features that enable accurate readings and in-depth data analysis.

When it comes to the inspection, maintenance and surveyance of buildings and technical plant, thermal imagers are absolutely essential. Industrial-grade thermal images reveal looming technical issues which helps prevent costly repairs and unplanned downtimes. FLIR’s latest E8 PRO™ IR camera is now supplied by the Conrad Sourcing Platform.

Detailed Recordings
Thermal images contain vital information that allows you to identify electrical, mechanical and structural issues. The more detailed the images, the easier the analysis. The outstanding quality of the images delivered by FLIR’s MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology helps you pinpoint and assess what might turn into a problem further down the line, thus, nipping potential production stoppages in the bud. And in terms of everyone’s favourite topic these days, namely the energy efficiency of buildings, the E8 Pro is equally suited to the task.

3.5” Touchscreen for Process Optimisation
FLIR’s E8 Pro plays an active role during data evaluation. The touchscreen enables adding useful bits of information and comments to the images, and also allows video streaming. And that isn’t all the E8 Pro screen can do: the 1-Touch Level/Span function lets you to choose a small area of focus in a thermal image by touching the screen just once. This results in the camera auto-adjusting the level and span using the thermal contrast in that part of the image. A very handy feature indeed that makes time-consuming manual fiddling around obsolete.

Data Analysis Involving the Whole Team
The FLIR E8 Pro comes with in-built memory that allows storing the thermal images and information acquired on site right away. Moreover, Wi-Fi connectivity opens up more opportunities: any data can be uploaded to and shared in the FLIR Ignite Cloud. Services like FLIR Ignite Cloud and the FLIR Thermal Studio Suite make creating reports much more straightforward, both in terms of data analysis and the forwarding of the results.

Always Up to Date
FLIR’s E8 Pro auto-downloads any software improvements from the net in the form of over-the-air (OTA) updates that include the latest firmware versions. Which, in nowadays digital age, constitutes the best way to stay on top of the latest technical developments.

More information about the new FLIR E8 Pro available here.


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