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elobau will be presenting its new generation of tilt sensors as well as the modular armrest 225MA Midi.


Agrishow in Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo), one of the largest agricultural trade shows in the world, will take place from April 29 to May 3, 2024.

Last year, Agrishow attracted more than 800 exhibitors and around 195,000 visitors from 50 different countries to Ribeirão Preto. It is considered the most important event for Brazil’s agricultural sector and is therefore an important platform for elobau to present its innovative and sustainable solutions to existing and potential new customers. In addition to the N6/N7 tilt sensor duo, elobau’s trade fair appearance will focus on the armrest 225MA Midi. Visitors to Agrishow can see for themselves how these and other products from elobau make work processes even safer, more comfortable and more sustainable.

Based on MEMS technology, the N6/N7 inclination sensors offer maximum safety, functionality and flexibility for simple inclination measurement in both static and dynamic applications. For example, the N6 static achieves high precision in difficult ambient conditions in stationary operation or with slow machine movements. In addition to the acceleration sensor, the N7 dynamic is also equipped with a gyroscope, so that high-precision measurement is also possible in the event of jerky movements, vibrations or shocks. Both sensors are suitable for use in off-highway machines, such as agricultural and forestry machinery, construction machinery and industrial trucks.

The flexibly configurable armrest 225MA Midi is designed for user-friendliness, comfort and fatigue-free working and integrates elobau’s decades of expertise in the development of customer-specific operating systems. It also demonstrates how elobau implements its sustainability claim in the product. The armrest consists of 75% bio-based plastics. The armrest cushion is made from high-quality vegan apple leather. However, it is not only the use of these special materials that takes sustainability into account, but also the reparability and durability of the 225MA Midi armrest. The modularity of the product also supports the sustainability claim: vehicle manufacturers can quickly and easily configure individual and application-specific operating systems from the modular system without additional development and tool costs. This conserves resources and saves costs. At this year’s elobau booth, visitors can get to know the various modules of the 225MA Midi armrest, such as the emergency switch off /emergency stop button. This allows drivers to stop a specific action whenever necessary.

The Eco-Design Armrest will also be on display at Agrishow. The newly conceived operating armrest is a design and material study that has been designed in accordance with the principles of the circular economy in terms of the design, development and manufacturing process. It provides a glimpse of future, more sustainable products that focus on a more responsible use of resources and the environment.

A team of elobau colleagues from Brazil, the USA and Germany is on site at Agrishow and will be happy to answer questions and provide information. You can find us at the tradeshow at the following location: booth number B026, Espaço Arena Soluções Agro.


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