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TDK is represented from April 9 to 12 in Nuremberg, Germany, at booth 223 in hall 1.


TDK Corporation will showcase its latest technology innovations at embedded world 2024, taking place from April 9 to 12 in Nuremberg, Germany. Visitors can explore the comprehensive range of solutions from TDK Group at booth 223 in hall 1. Product marketing, R&D, and sales members will be on-site to explain the latest offering. Qeexo, a TDK Group company, will do a live demonstration of embedded machine learning development using ARM Keil MDK and Qeexo AutoML during a presentation at the ARM booth (Hall 4, Booth 606).

Technology highlights include:

Sensor solutions
  • TMR & MEMS Gyro Fusion: Tracking everything every time, a super high accuracy position sensing solution, using on-chip system-level sensor fusion of IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and magnetometer.
  • Magnetic sensors: Fast 2D angular position sensor family HAL 302x, addressing the need for stray-field robust motor position sensing.
  • Industrial MEMS Sensors: High-performance sensors for vibration detection and robotics.
  • MEMS Motion sensors: True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices showing 360° spatial audio and active noise cancellation, enabled by ultra-low power VibeSense360™ motion sensor solution.
  • Ultrasonic Time of flight (ToF) sensors: Ultrasonic sensing wake-up with power-saving smart detection, enabled by SmartSonicTM presence detection and obstacle avoidance sensors, ideal for a wide range of IoT products that require contextual awareness.
  • SmartEdgeML Machine Learning: Advanced edge machine learning solution to run ultra-low power ML models on a 6-axis IMU chip, enabling new possibilities for IoT products like wearables, hearables, and AR glasses.
Passive component solutions
  • PowerHap piezo actuators for haptic feedback, which offer unrivaled acceleration force and response time, e.g. for haptics in steering wheels and automotive displays.

Embedded motor controllers

  • HVC 5x, a family of programmable system-on-chip (SOC) motor controllers for driving small stepper, brushed (BDC) and brushless (BLDC) DC motors in automotive and industrial applications.

Power supply solutions

  • 300 W rated RGC series of ruggedized non-isolated DC-DC buck-boost converters, with an input voltage of 9 to 53 V.
  • 250 W rated RGA series of ruggedized non-isolated DC-DC buck converters. Capable of operating from an input voltage of 9 to 40 V or 9 to 53 V.
  • 6 W and 10 W CCG series of DC-DC converters, suitable for either through hole or surface mount placement.
  • i7A series of non-isolated DC-DC buck converters with the industry-standard 1/16th brick footprint.
Positioning & navigation software
  • RIDE & TRACK software, inertial-aided positioning for always-on, enhanced vehicle navigation delivering positioning in GNSS-denied or degraded environments.
  • AUTO software, inertial plus GNSS and perception positioning for autonomous and semi-autonomous platforms, delivering decimeter positioning accuracy in GNSS-denied or degraded environments.
  • VENUE, a near infrastructure-free indoor positioning and real-time location services platform leveraging magnetic, inertial, and other signals of opportunity to position workers, forklifts, robots, and other assets.
Flash storage solutions
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs) featuring GBDriver series, realizing moderately high-speed access and stable operation while securing data reliability.
  • DRAM-less SSDs with a power backup circuit to minimize data errors, ideal solution for industrial embedded systems.


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