Arrow Electronics adds Truesense Ultra-Wideband portfolio for precise location technology

Global distribution agreement provides easy customer access to advanced turnkey modules, evaluation kit, and software libraries.

Arrow Electronics adds Truesense Ultra-Wideband portfolio for precise location technology

Arrow Electronics has announced a global distribution agreement with Truesense, a leading company in edge AI, software algorithms and UltraWideBand (UWB) radar and ranging technology, to distribute Truesense modules, development kits and software.

The agreement lets Arrow’s customers accelerate new product designs by leveraging Truesense UWB modules for roles such as communication, ranging and localization, real-time location, asset tracking, gesture detection, access control, and environmental sensing.

“Adding the Truesense portfolio to our lineup expands our offer to customers, provides easy access to cutting-edge UWB technology that permits high-value functionality with excellent power efficiency ideal for IoT devices and portable products,” said Matthias Hutter, vice president supplier marketing and product management, EMEA, Arrow Electronics. “With the supporting ecosystem comprising evaluation hardware and ready-to-use software, we can help our customers quickly bring new concepts to market that are innovative and disruptive, as well as robust and reliable.”

“Our agreement with Arrow strengthens our market presence and enables a broader customer base to unleash the inherent strengths of UWB in future generations of smart products,” said Alessandro Bassi, chief marketing officer, Truesense. “Teaming our specialized knowhow and R&D resources with Arrow’s in-house engineering skills and commercial services is a combination that’s sure to deliver success.”

UWB technology is based on IEEE 802.15.4a/z and optimized for precise location, with strengths including high accuracy and reliability, low latency, security, and low power consumption. Resistant to obstructions, interference, and multipath errors, UWB performs strongly in indoor contexts such as in smart buildings, smart factories, medical applications such as patient and equipment monitoring, and the enhanced spatial awareness in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) equipment.

Truesense was founded in 2020 and is closely connected to the Politecnico University in Milan. The current portfolio, now available from Arrow, comprises the DCU040, and DCU150 modules for ranging use cases based on NXP® Semiconductors’ Trimension® ICs, and very soon will make available a new module and platforms for radar use cases.

Truesense modules integrate antennas, and external components such as a clock, filter, so there is no requirement of RF design by the user. Also available, the Truesense UWB development kit is ready to plug into Arduino hardware and is easily configured to assist development of new products that incorporate UWB technology. Customers can also take advantage of Truesense UWB software libraries, AI algorithms, smart-app and code examples to facilitate their projects and minimize time to market for new product designs.


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