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ROEMHELD Introduces NEW Die Changing System RWS – Guided on Rails for Loads up to 40 tons at Fabtech Chicago 2023

A combination of a standard rail guided transport cart on a round track system for moving heavy loads with the lowest possible energy input, and an electric motor-driven push-pull chain or linear drive unit for loading the dies in and out of the press.  .

ROEMHELD Introduces NEW Die Changing System RWS – Guided on Rails for Loads up to 40 tons at Fabtech Chicago 2023

Both systems form a safe, cost-effective die changing solution for die weights up to 40 tons. The cart runs on special round rails with extremely low rolling resistance. This is an optimal solution for linked presses and the transport of heavy tools over several stations. Additional, quick-clamping systems in the press result in a complete system for quick and safe die changes. 

“Large and heavy dies pose a unique challenge when a quick die change is required.  With this system, single minute exchange of dies (SMED) is a possibility even for dies weighing up to 40-tons.” says Brent Stille, QDC Product Manager at ROEMHELD North America.    

The unique round track system is superior to other rail type transport systems due to its insensitivity to dirt, the extremely low rolling resistance, and the relatively simple method for installation which is completely carried out by our team of system integrators.    Come to our booth #D40930 at Fabtech to see the round track technology up close, as well as our other die handling and clamping solutions. 

ROEMHELD offers a complete range of die clamping technology solutions for sheet metal forming, plastics, and rubber processing, as well as products for die change such as die changing carts, roller bars, and driven carrying consoles. The company's solutions are designed to help improve efficiency and reduce costs in single and series production across various industries.  

ROEMHELD North America is committed to providing innovative and smart solutions to meet the needs of its customers as a market leader in a variety of industries, including clamping technology, quick mold and die change, assembly and handling technology, drive technology, and automation systems.   


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