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FANUC is set to showcase a variety of innovative solutions, technical milestones and practical applications at Automatica (June 27-30, 2023) in Munich, Hall B6, Stand 231.


FANUC is targeting highly automated industries and new customer groups. Among other things, the company wants to counter the shortage of skilled workers with simple and intuitive programming solutions.

Both beginners and experienced programmers can now leverage the benefits of all FANUC robot models, either using the traditional iPendant or via a tablet.

Flexibility is also the focus in the field of collaborative robotics. At Automatica, the company is presenting additional functions that will enable more payload capacities: the CRX-25iA to handle 30 kg instead of 25 kg and the CR-35iB to handle 50kg instead of 35 kg, without any wrist posture restrictions.

The M-710iD is set to perform a logistics application at Automatica, which is just one of many possibilities for this versatile robot. The successor to the M-710iC offers a higher payload and speed, as well as more wrist moment and inertia capabilities. Furthermore, a curved arm supports its use in applications involving tighter spaces, such as removing parts from a container.

Another important innovation at the trade fair will be the optional iPC (industrial PC), which offers high computing power for processing data-intensive operations in fast cycle times. Dedicated to FANUC's AI application software – such as bin picking, auto path generation and more.

The system integrators and partners on the FANUC stand will be showing innovative applications outside the traditional industrial sector in which AI plays an important role. For example, the "Bakisto" robot system developed with oven manufacturer WIESHEU and retail specialist Wanzl will bake fresh croissants for visitors. The system ensures a more precise, data-based calculation of the required baked goods and quantities, helping to relieve supermarket and discount store employees.

Already in use at large laundries is "Velum", a system developed in collaboration with start-up Sewts. Equipped with FANUC robots, a 3D camera and intelligent software, Velum analyses the movements of deformable materials and efficiently feeds textiles into folding machines.

Robots on mobile platforms are an easy way to make production more flexible. FANUC has developed a mobile handling unit in collaboration with Austrian partner Ger4Tech. The "G4T4" mobile platform combines with a CRX collaborative robot and solves bin-picking tasks using FANUC's iRVision camera system.

The stainless steel DR-3iB/6 STAINLESS delta robot is less mobile, but suitable for unpackaged food. In combination with an SR-12iA SCARA robot, it will serve a cheese packaging line at Automatica. The SR-12iA is also ideal for handling packaged food via options such as food-grade grease.

In the field of battery handling applications, FANUC will demonstrate its strength with a demo cell featuring an M-1000iA robot on a traversing axis from Güdel. The robot, which can move 1000 kg, has a particularly large range of motion. An application at Automatica involving the assembly of battery parts using an SR-3iA/U SCARA robot will also address this growing market.

Diverse solutions for welding will prove a further attraction for exhibition visitors. FANUC partner LEWA Attendorn, for example, is planning to show a flexible and optimal answer to complex manufacturing challenges within an assembly process, while partner Demmeler's welding cell will centre on an intuitively programmable CRX collaborative robot for automated welding. Other partners, such as Wandelbots and voraus robotik, will demonstrate topics like "no code" programming and the Future Human Robot Interface. Last but not least, the company INperfektion is going to show a two-component glueing application using a FANUC CRX-20iA/L and 3D vision system.

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