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Modernization of networks with Gigabit Ethernet extenders

The new Gigabit Ethernet extenders from Phoenix Contact enable high-speed Ethernet over any 2-wire cables or coaxial cables. Ranges of up to one kilometer can be achieved with the devices.

Modernization of networks with Gigabit Ethernet extenders

Existing cables can still be used for broadband Ethernet applications. In this way, the devices support the modernization of existing network structures and help to save costs. The Gigabit Ethernet extenders are thus well ahead of the Ethernet standard. At 1 Gbps, ranges of up to 100 meters are achieved on Ethernet cables specified for this purpose.

With the Power over Link (PoL) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functions, the entire Gigabit Ethernet extender network and connected PoE devices can be supplied with power over the data line. This eliminates the need to mount power supply units on the remote PoE devices, simplifying installation via plug-and-play. This enables the quick commissioning of remote stations, such as WLAN access points, door controls and gate controllers or access terminals, without having to install additional power supply units, batteries, or solar panels there.

Gigabit Ethernet extenders are particularly suitable for video surveillance, as modern video technology places high demands on the extensive network infrastructure, but in many cases coaxial cables are still installed.


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