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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to Display Efficient, Reliable Airport Drive Solutions at AAAE 2023

NORD’s latest airport technology includes the high efficiency IE5+ product portfolio and standardized LogiDrive complete drive solution.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to Display Efficient, Reliable Airport Drive Solutions at AAAE 2023

NORD supplies highly configurable solutions engineered for high efficiency, modular functionality, and long service life.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be attending the 95th annual AAAE conference June 3rd – 5th in Denver, Colorado. The global drive system provider is known for having their products used in airports worldwide in baggage handling systems, jetways, walkways, and moving large hangar doors. With their latest technology, NORD delivers a new level of efficiency, reliability, and cost savings for airport applications.

NORD will be displaying these specialized airport industry solutions at Booth 2110:

DuoDrive Integrated Gear Unit and Motor
The DuoDrive combines a high efficiency IE5+ motor with a single-stage helical gear unit in one, compact housing. IE5+ technology delivers an extremely high system efficiency of up to 92% and works to reduce the number of system variants through constant torque over a wide speed range. This also reduces spare parts inventory, minimizes administrative expenses, and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With their simple Plug-&-Play commissioning, high power density, and quiet operation, these drives are an ideal choice at check-in counters and baggage handling systems.

-Power range: 0.5 – 4.0 hp
-Torque up to 2,186 lb-in

NORDAC ON/ON+ Variable Frequency Drives
NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives were developed for the special requirements of horizontal conveyor technology and are optimized for use with NORD IE3 motors (NORDAC ON) as well as IE5+ motors (NORDAC ON+). These drives intelligently control baggage handling systems via an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface and ensure exact positioning with high dynamics for lifts, S-conveyors, and C-conveyors. Full Plug-&-Play capabilities not only enable quick installation for IIoT environments but also make maintenance and system changes easier. The VFDs also feature a compact, space saving design, PLC functionality for drive-related functions, STO and SS1 optional integrated safety functions.

NORDAC ON Performance:
-Power range: 0.50 – 3.5 hp
-Voltage: 3 ~ 460 V

NORDAC ON+ Performance:
-Power range: 0.50 – 4.0 hp
-Voltage: 3 ~ 460 V

IE5+ Synchronous Motors (TEFC)
IE5+ synchronous motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offer one of the highest operational efficiencies on the market. Their constant torque over a wide speed range enable reduction of system variants as well as reduced operating costs. The ventilated version provides high overload capacity and optimized heat dissipation that is ideal for baggage handling systems. The motors are compatible with NORD’s modular product system and when combined with VFD’s ensure smooth material flow in applications such as vertical sorting, pushers and indexers, and belt conveyors.

-Power range: 0.5 – 5.0 hp

LogiDrive® Complete Drive Solution
LogiDrive is a complete drive solution that reduces planning and commissioning efforts via an energy efficient, standardized, and service-friendly system. This solution decreases system variants through standardized geared motor selections configured to specific application needs while the modular design lowers spare parts inventory and allows replacement of individual components. Thanks to IE5+ technology, high efficiency is maintained even in partial load ranges and low speeds, overall costs during service life are minimized, and a faster return on investment is possible.

The LogiDrive package consists of:
-High efficiency two-stage bevel gearbox or DuoDrive
-IE4 or IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor
-Decentralized variable frequency drive
 -Power plug connector
-M12 connectors
-Incremental encoder
-Pre-assembled cables
-Standardized hollow shaft diameters

Two-Stage Helical Bevel Gear Units
When it comes to conveying applications, NORD’s two-stage helical bevel gear units deliver more reliable, efficient operation than traditional worm gear units. They are made from high-strength aluminum alloy and include an open housing option for improved heat dissipation when handling high axial and radial loads. Their long service life and low maintenance requirements ensure baggage handling systems operate from one side of the airport to the other with less downtime.

-Power range: 0.16 – 12.5 hp
-Torque up to 5,842 lb-in

NORDAC PRO SK 500P Cabinet Variable Frequency Drives
NORDAC PRO SK 500P cabinet variable frequency drives provide tiered functionality with five frame sizes suitable for a variety of basic to advanced drive applications. These VFDs feature integrated POSICON positioning to accurately control conveyors and prevent baggage from backing up, full PLC functionality, and an integrated multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet interface that can be extended for each optional module. An optional Bluetooth interface enables easy operation while a SD memory card works as a storage space as well as for transfer of parameters and operating data. Additionally, if power is disconnected from the drive, parameterization is still possible through a convenient USB interface. NORDAC PRO SK 500P VFDs also include motor brake management and lifting gear functionality to smoothly automate baggage handling systems.

-Power range: 0.33 – 30 hp
-Voltage: single-phase 200 – 240 V, 3-phase 380 – 480 V

Learn more about NORD’s airport industry solutions at https://digital-trade-fair.nord.com/en-us/aaae.


NORD Airport Solutions

DuoDrive Integrated Gear Unit and Motor

NORDAC ON/ON+ Variable Frequency Drives

IE5+ Synchronous Motors (TEFC)

LogiDrive® Complete Drive Solution

Two-Stage Helical Bevel Gear Units

NORDAC PRO SK 500P Cabinet Variable Frequency Drives

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