Hilscher’s netX 90 and netRAPID 90 Receive CC-Link IE Field Network Basic Slave Certification

Hilscher North America is pleased to announce its netX 90 system-on-a-chip (SoC) and netRAPID 90, a netX chip carrier, have received the CC-Link IE Field Network Basic slave conformance certificate from the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA).

Hilscher’s netX 90 and netRAPID 90 Receive CC-Link IE Field Network Basic Slave Certification

This certification enables the netX 90 and netRAPID 90 to be implemented as slaves in simple field devices on CC-Link Industrial Ethernet networks. CC-Link IE Field Network Basic is a general-purpose Ethernet protocol that facilitates easy use and development of small-scale devices that do not require high-speed control capabilities. This 100-Mbit/s protocol is an easy entry in the CC-Link IE technology ecosystem for developing field devices.

“Official certification from the CLPA for both the netX 90 and netRAPID 90 further strengthens our multi-protocol capability,” says Philip Marshall, Chief Operating Officer of Hilscher North America. “It also enables device manufacturers to easily enter the Asian market with our latest netX 90 technology and products.”

The CLPA offers several Ethernet-based network technologies to assist device makers in developing products compatible with the CC-Link Industrial Ethernet network, including CC-Link TSN, CC-Link IE Control, CC-Link IE Field Network, CC-Link IE Field Motion and CC-Link IE Safety.

Visit www.cc-link.org to learn more about CC-Link. Discover more about netX 90 or netRAPID 90 at www.hilscher.com.

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