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The first GEMÜ high purity 3/2-way diaphragm globe valve

With the new GEMÜ C58 iComLine, the Ingelfingen-based technology company GEMÜ has developed its first 3/2-way diaphragm globe valve for ultra-pure applications.

The first GEMÜ high purity 3/2-way diaphragm globe valve

It has a supply and two possible outlets. It can also be operated in the opposite flow direction and the switch position can be detected via an optical position indicator.

For many years, the semiconductor industry has been successfully using the GEMÜ iComLine series all over the world. GEMÜ customers appreciate the numerous advantages of the design and the multitude of possible applications.

The new GEMÜ C58 iComLine 3/2-way process valve is suitable for ultra-pure and corrosive media. All media wetted parts are made of pure and highly resistant PTFE. The footprint/flow rate ratio is outstanding. This diaphragm globe valve is therefore particularly suited to applications in the process area and at the distribution level of semiconductor production.


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