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GE Digital Introduces Groundbreaking Software GridOS® to Drive Clean Energy Adoption

GE Digital has announced the world’s first end-to-end software portfolio, GridOS®, built specifically for grid orchestration.

GE Digital Introduces Groundbreaking Software GridOS® to Drive Clean Energy Adoption
  • Only partner ecosystem focused on grid orchestration, pulling together marquee cloud, system integrator, and hyperscaler partners to help utilities develop, deploy and scale best-in-class applications

Designed to modernize and transform the electric grid into the clean energy grid of the future, GridOS is a platform and application suite enabling secure and reliable grid management while delivering the resiliency and flexibility needed by utilities worldwide.

New software tools are needed to meet the demands created by increasing grid complexity and to achieve reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy globally. GridOS® delivers these tools with the cloud service provider and system integrator partner ecosystem necessary to accelerate grid modernization and the clean energy transition.

The GridOS platform and application suite supports GE Digital’s current grid operations portfolio that includes electric grid GIS for modeling, mapping and design, AEMS for transmission and market management operations, ADMS for distribution network operations, and DERMs forecasting and management.

Developing a new orchestration software portfolio for the clean energy grid
GridOS® integrates energy data, network modeling, and AI/ML-driven analytics to power a suite of intelligent applications developed by GE, utilities, and GridOS partners.

The GridOS® orchestration platform includes:

  • Zero Trust grid security model applied throughout the platform to protect resources from inside and outside threats
  • Federated grid data fabric with a common transmission and distribution model to enable a grid digital twin
  • A suite of intelligent grid applications that evolve and modernize the grid control room for proactive and automated grid management​
  • A hybrid cloud architecture to deploy and scale applications where they are needed – on-site or in a hybrid environment

Building an expert partner ecosystem to accelerate grid modernization
GE Digital is bringing together a new partner ecosystem of leaders in cloud computing and system integration to focus on grid orchestration. This ecosystem enables more seamless alignment of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) within utilities so grid operators can quickly connect the dots end-to-end to solve for grid complexity. The partner ecosystem will accelerate future development of new applications for GridOS®, solving mission-critical use cases for utilities at the speed needed to enable the future clean energy grid.

GridOS® key partners include leading cloud provider AWS and global system integrators (SIs) Accenture, Infosys and others, each bringing unique strengths to the table. Cloud partners will enable pathways to grid flexibility and innovation scale, while system integrators are able to accelerate the delivery of new capabilities and the business shifts needed for the clean energy grid transition. Coupled with GE Digital’s services and software, the partnership ecosystem builds on the resources of these global industry leaders to help utilities optimize performance and prioritize the acceleration of reliable and secure grid modernization projects.

GE Digital will be attending DISTRIBUTECH International from February 7-9, 2023 at the San Diego Convention Center and providing an overview of the GridOS orchestration software portfolio. Leaders and executives will be available for briefings and interviews with attendees and the media at the GE Digital booth. Please contact Rachael Van Reen, Director of External Communications for scheduling and media availabilities at DISTRIBUTECH International.

To learn more about GridOS®, visit GE Digital’s official website here.


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