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Stäubli Release New Test Leads

Now available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform: the next generation of stackable test leads and a re-designed range of electrical jumpers.

Stäubli Release New Test Leads

Testing, measurement and diagnostics: the Conrad Sourcing Platform supplies most of Stäubli’s testing accessory range.

  • Business partners for 20 years: Conrad Electronic and Stäubli Electrical Connectors
  • Latest products: stackable test leads with banana jack at the rear
  • New design and improved manufacturing: electrical jumpers by Stäubli

When it comes to accessories required for performing diagnostic testing of electrical components and systems in a safe and reliable way, one supplier that has become a household name over the past four decades are Stäubli Electrical Connectors. For over 20 years, the company that specialises in electrical connectors and trades globally has been utilising the brand visibility of Conrad Electronic to expand their sales channels both in Germany and across Europe.

These days, the Conrad Sourcing Platform supplies almost the entire Stäubli product range which, among other categories, covers Renewable Energies and Automation. Stäubli’s testing and measurement accessory lines include 2 mm and 4 mm test leads, jacks, plugs, probe tips, clips and adapters. All products falling into this category come with an IEC EN 61010-031 rating and are suitable for CAT IV tasks.

New Product Lines for Testing and Measurement
Over the past months, Stäubli have been busy releasing new product lines that are now also available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform. Among them is a new generation of stackable test leads. These leads feature a rear socket that allows connecting another test cable. This is particularly handy for vocational training facilities and testing stations using breakout boxes to split multicable lines and enable simultaneous testing. Stäubli’s stackable test leads come in eleven colours (also including orange, the newly added colour assigned to e-mobility devices) and six different lengths to choose from, thereby covering a wide range of tasks.

Improved Selection of Electrical Jumpers
Stäubli have also completely reviewed their range of electrical jumpers, redesigning the connectors to ensure consistency across their product range. Stäubli jumpers have now obtained UL certification, which means they can be sold in the US and Canada. Another welcome side-effect is that both new connector design and improved manufacturing processes together have led to production cost savings allowing Stäubl to lower the selling price of the products.

More details available at conrad.com/brandlist/staeubli


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