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Voltcraft Release New Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

Now available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform: Voltcraft’s brand-new EMZ-1000 clamp meter enables simple and fast non-contact earth resistance measurement.

Voltcraft Release New Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

Accurate readings, a wide variety of functions and faster measurements: Voltcraft‘s EMZ-1000 earth clamp meter.

  • No complex measurement procedures using ground spikes
  • Functions designed for practicability and a wide range of uses
  • Excellent value for money

Using ground spikes to measure earth leakage is complicated and costs you time and money. Clamp meters are a viable alternative that enable taking accurate readings in a simple and fast way. Voltcraft’s EMZ-1000 earth clamp meter is the latest addition to the VDE-certified range of testing equipment supplied by the Conrad Sourcing Platform. “An accurate and easy-to-use tester such as the EMZ-1000 is something everyone should have in their toolkit,” explains Susanne Storch, product manager at Conrad Electronic. “Even more so, if you can get it at such an affordable price.”

Non-contact Earth Resistance Testing.
The clamp attachment of Voltcraft’s EMZ-1000 consists of two coils that detect voltage and current, respectively. Loop resistance is measured by simply clamping the jaws around a live wire. This works for building earthing electrodes on constructions sides, product facilities, machinery, substations, switchboard cabinets and equipotential bonding jacks alike. “The EMZ-1000 is a versatile instrument suitable for a wide range of uses,” Storch adds. “Means Voltcraft’s latest earth leakage meter helps tradespeople, electrical contractors, LPS engineers, people working in construction and across the industries getting the job done faster by making it easier.”

Plenty of Features. Excellent Value for Money.
Voltcraft’s EMZ-1000 clamp meter comes with a plethora of practical functions that ensure a smooth workflow. This includes a backlit 4-digit LC display that provides excellent readability and displays resistance (0.01 to 1200 ohms) and AC readings (0 mA to 20 mA) at the same time. The Data Hold mode allows you to check the results whenever the testing conditions prevent you from looking at the screen. Moreover, the product features a memory that can hold 300 readings, an adjustable alert in the case of readings exceeding user-set limits, and auto-switch off after you haven’t used the meter for a certain amount of time. Despite its affordability, the EMZ-1000 provides accurate earth resistance readings thanks to both microprocessor-based control and built-in filter technology that eliminates unwanted interference. The clamp meter comes with a CAT III 300V and a CAT IV 150V safety rating.

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