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US gets new “robot marketplace” to fix robot sourcing headaches

“Our global marketplace is helping robotics buyers increase their options and drive down costs when purchasing industrial automation solutions,” says Thomas Anzur, Chief Sales Officer of HowToRobot.com – a digital marketplace now launching in the US. The service allows businesses to get offers from suppliers and compare prices on robots.

US gets new “robot marketplace” to fix robot sourcing headaches

Sourcing robots is not as easy as it may sound. There are thousands of technologies and vendors to choose from, and it is often complicated for businesses to get an overview of all the options and find the right fit at a fair price.

This search for robots will now get easier. The global marketplace for robots and automation solutions, HowToRobot.com, is launching its platform in the US allowing buyers to get offers from thousands of suppliers. This way, businesses can get a broad market overview and test market pricing before investing.

“Businesses are looking to find multiple solutions to their automation needs. HowToRobot is aiming to break down geographic borders and connect buyers and sellers around the globe – opening new markets for robotics sellers and increasing options for buyers. Using our marketplace, buyers can anonymously broadcast their automation needs to suppliers globally in less than 15 minutes – for free,” says Thomas Anzur, Chief Sales Officer at HowToRobot.com.

New marketplace makes it easy to find the right “robot fit”
Traditionally, businesses have had to identify and contact robotics suppliers one by one when they needed a new solution – “a slow and frustrating process”, as Thomas Anzur puts it.

With HowToRobot.com, sourcing is made simple: The buyers only describe the task they want to automate one time. The platform then matches them with suppliers who send them proposals.

“It is a fast and effective way to source robots. Not only are you able to compare prices – you also get more options to pick from, and spend less time searching for suppliers,” says Thomas Anzur.

Businesses are also able to get quotes on aftermarket parts, components, and services for their existing robots and automation solutions on the platform.

Fast-growing marketplace connects robot buyers & suppliers globally
More than 100 projects worth over $50M USD together were posted on HowToRobot.com in just two months. The platform today covers over 16,000 robot and automation suppliers worldwide – making it the world’s largest directory of its kind.

For suppliers, the marketplace offers a global window to the growing number of businesses looking for robots.

“We are constantly adding new suppliers to our platform and encourage US-based businesses to join our global community,” says Thomas Anzur.


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