Elysium Major Product Update Now Supports QIF 3.0

Software company Elysium has announced support for QIF 3.0 (Quality Information Framework) in the latest product update of their 3DxSUITE EX9, available August 1, 2021. This newest update offers primary support of QIF 3.0 with bi-directional translation and validation of the MBD portion. Elysium also supports change detection within QIF, as with any supported format.

Elysium Major Product Update Now Supports QIF 3.0

Elysium’s inquiries for QIF have grown the over past couple of years and their level of QIF support continues to evolve, responding to increasing customer demand. Annalise Suzuki, VP of Technology and Engagement elaborates, “The MBE first-movers are increasing their MBE objectives from MBD visual aides to leveraging more from semantic information to achieve machine-readable workflows, which is where formats like QIF and STEP AP242 can add lifecycle value for automation. Based on the increased demand in this area, we are excited to add support for QIF 3.0, with continued collaboration from our innovative customers.”

DMSC President, Curtis Brown, reflects on this recent development, “We are very pleased to see continued demand by the MBD community as our valued DMSC solution providers, such as Elysium, respond to their customer’s requests to include QIF 3.0 support.”

“Our multi-CAD exchange and 3D interoperability expertise provide an ideal position to strongly support CAD & QIF connectivity, as well as validation,” says Kentaro Fukuta, Global Business General Manager at Elysium Japan.

As a current DMSC member, Elysium has been jointly working with both customers in industry and metrology vendors for QIF-supported workflows. For more information about Elysium support for QIF, click here.

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