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The new stainless steel compression latches

Rail transport is subject to peak requirements in design, function and material.

The new stainless steel compression latches

Our challenge was to combine the advantages of a flush-mounted quarter turn with those of a compression latch while ensuring easy, tool-less adjustment of the cam.

Our solution: The flush-mounted compression latches made of stainless steel. Both product variants are known for the following benefits.

• Flush-mounted design
• Closing position visible
• Compression 6 mm
• Vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373
• Different assembly options
• Two housing lengths

Flush-mounted design: does not extend outward and therefore avoids the risk of getting caught for increased safety, for example in escape routes

Closing position visible: marks on housing and inserts for visualization of the exact closing position

Compression 6 mm: safe contact pressure without rubbing of the cam on the frame

Vibration-proof: successfully tested in accordance to DIN EN 61373

Different assembly options: the anti-rotation device can be mounted with countersunk screws and if using washers also with cylinder head screws or weld studs

Two housing lengths: different door thicknesses based on housing length 28 mm and 37 mm allow the versatile use of materials including wood, fiberglass synthetics and sandwich material

Wide range of H dimensions: design can be varied by the cranking of the cam


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