Universal and compact

The universal and space-saving I/O module forms the basis for the most compact remote I/O systems for Zone 2 on the market.

Universal and compact
Depending on the settings, the universal LB7x04 I/O module processes analog and binary inputs and outputs. The status is displayed via LEDs. During installation, the module can be set to the required configuration. When replacing the module, the previous settings are adopted automatically. Stocks of replacement modules are reduced through use of the LB7x04. The LB7x04 also provides diagnosis LEDs for lead breakage detection. These indicate line faults according to the channel and the binary switching state. On-site maintenance can simply be speeded up, resulting in real cash savings. Of course, the LB7x04 is fully compatible with existing gateways and backplanes, as well as being suitable for plant expansions. The customary long-term availability and reliability of the LB remote I/O module also applies to the LB7x04. The module requires only half the space on the backplane as the previous four-channel 4 - 20 mA analog I/O modules. The significantly improved packing density lowers costs through the reduced space requirements in the control cabinet. Consequently, the LB system from Pepperl+Fuchs is the most compact remote I/O system for Zone 2 on the market. Power loss has been reduced thanks to a new, energy-saving electronics design. This has enabled an increased packing density, leading to 32% space savings. The high packing density, configuration options and simplified maintenance have resulted in time and cost savings for applications in Zone 2.

MC7522_110901_03_RGB.jpeg: Universal I/O module LB7x04
MC7522_110901_04_RGB.jpeg: LB remote I/O station in Zone 2

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