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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers the complete range of economical and safe drive technologies for all automation tasks in the renewable energies industry. Applications include biomass, solar, and wind power plants. Introducing our new website, http://energy.nord.com, now provides solutions and an overview of the product portfolio which includes high-performance decentral frequency inverters and drives with IP66 protection ratings.

For applications in adverse environmental conditions, a wide range of optional features are available across the complete product range. These include extended temperature capability, increased corrosion protection, and special finishes that prevent salt corrosion in marine environments. For applications with potentially explosive atmospheres such as biogas production, NORD provides full ATEX compliance. With more than 10,000 ATEX systems sold per year, NORD is an experienced partner. For its energy and premium efficient motors, NORD uses more active material together with higher quality sheet metal for less losses and increased copper filling factors. Since the constructive improvements result in greater power reserves, smaller motors can be used in many applications; this means double efficiency benefits.

Picture: NORD’s new web address for all answers about drives in renewable electricity generation: energy.nord.com

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