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Nexus is an open digital reality platform for manufacturers which connects people, data and technologies from Hexagon and partner suppliers.


In response to evolving industry trends and challenges, manufacturers must seek out solutions that link people, technologies and data to expedite innovation and bring ideas to fruition faster than ever before.

Nexus is an open system designed to connect multiple applications to form workflows that facilitate real-time collaboration, data sharing between different design, simulation and production applications from any vendor.

This open digital reality platform integrates technologies from Hexagon and our partners to facilitate secure connectivity and data sharing amongst teams. Nexus supports cloud-based, task-oriented native applications and collaborative workflows, simplifying process optimisation and information access for end users. Additionally, it provides a personalised, interactive method for users to access products, apps, solutions, training, documentation and support information in one location.

Nexus combines technologies to help develop unique solutions to engineering and manufacturing problems, from concept to delivery. This enables greater visibility and connectivity across teams since they can better leverage fragmented digital data and gain unprecedented insight. In addition to connecting technologies, Nexus is also designed to connect people. Nexus breaks down the barriers that get in the way of solving problems. As a result, they are well-placed to bring their ideas to life faster and produce higher-quality outcomes.

Going forward, Nexus will be at the heart of Hexagon’s new solution offerings in the smart manufacturing space. By leveraging Hexagon data sources from across the vast portfolio, Nexus has the potential to connect hundreds of Hexagon design and engineering, production and metrology tools. It can also unlock new insights from metrology devices and connected machines.


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