Vaisala News

Monitoring transformers to guard against the impact of solar flares

Elimpus Ltd has installed several of Vaisala’s online transformer monitoring solutions on behalf of Scottish Power, a leading British energy provider, to provide real-time condition updates.

Tezmaksan News

Unlocking smart machine shops

Communication-agnostic software addresses legacy equipment challenges.

Elobau News

How elobau sensors in Erema machines ensure sustainable personal protection

Erema is considered the global market leader for plastics recycling machines and system components. To ensure the safety of its users, sustainably produced sensors from elobau are applied in the Austrian company's recycling systems.

FPT Industrial

Frequent Flyer success epitomizes benefits of FPT Industrial engines for fishing vessels

The Frequent Flyer, a 36x13ft twin-jet dive-harvest vessel that participates in six different dive fisheries across Alaska and Washington State, is taking advantage of retrofitted N67 EVO @ 530Mhp engines from FPT Industrial, completely transforming both the boat and its operation. Compact and cost-effective, more and more fishing vessels are benefiting from the FPT Industrial N67 EVO, which offers a short load response time, high power density (with minimum fuel consumption), quieter operation, and service intervals of up to 600 hours.

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