For even faster mounting: the new KAPSTO® BIT-73X

We now offer a practical new tool for time-saving mounting and removal of our GPN 730 and 735 to 738 standard ranges.

Our GPN plugs in the standard 730, 735, 736, 737 and 738 ranges are particularly popular due to their robustness, temperature-resistance and tightness in the most diverse of applications. They reliably seal off female threads, pipes, compact connectors, drilled holes, fuel lines and hoses against contamination, for example, ensuring optimum protection during production, storage and transport.

Our GPN 730 and GPN 735 to 738 plugs are all equipped with a cross-shaped screwing device for mounting using a screwdriver or wrench. To make it easier for users to mount or remove sealing plugs and sealing plugs with O-rings from our extensive standard range, we now offer a specially developed, practical mounting tool.

The new KAPSTO® BIT-73X is a sturdy bit, made of stainless steel, for power screwdrivers with DIN ISO 1173 holders and commercially-available power screwdrivers with drill chucks. Simple and ergonomic handling makes it possible to mount and remove all 95 different versions of our screw plugs even faster.

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