5 Ways Fleet Managers Can Help Drivers Avoid ELD Citations

VDO RoadLogâ„¢ offers simple, affordable solutions for guaranteed 100% FMCSA ELD mandate compliance.

Drivers face many new challenges with the ELD mandate and VDO RoadLog wants to keep things simple and easy for them. “Hard enforcement” of the ELD laws began on April 1, meaning that drivers can now gain points during roadside inspection.

Best practice is to always be prepared for an inspection, but many drivers still face long, daunting days and simply do not have the time or energy to constantly be on top of their game. Drivers need some help to get through this new period, so we encourage fleet managers to always help keep them prepared.

Five Ways Fleet Managers Can Aid Drivers Avoid ELD Citations

1. Know every violation! The only way to ensure fl eet managers can help drivers stay prepared for inspection is to know the laws and violations themselves.
2. Enforce Interval trainings on the ELD device, or on any technological updates to keep drivers’ experts of their device, so they are ready for any inspections.
3. Make sure drivers know the device that they have. Legal requirements vary on vehicles with an AOBRD or ELD, so keep drivers aware!
4. Keep drivers prepared! Fleet managers should always make sure drivers have the correct information and paperwork to provide for roadside inspection.
5. Create manuals and run simulations. Keep your drivers ready for roadside inspection by putting them to the test with questions and situations. With VDO RoadLog’s tremendous customer support team, we can help you achieve your goals!

By helping drivers stay knowledgeable, fleet managers will keep roads safer. Just by following a few of these steps, they can enhance drivers’ understanding of their ELD device, and the technological troubles that may ensue.

VDO RoadLog wants to help too! We will answer all of your ELD questions, and handle any concerns. Our mission is to make driving the priority for you.


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